Why Are We Such A Big Generation Of Snoopers?
The invention of the internet. Amazing, I mean, what would we do without it! Honestly, I would be lost!
Broderie And Me.
I have always been a big fan of broderie. Like, when has it ever gone out of style?

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You got me! You friggin' got me good. I know it’s no longer Mental Health Awareness week, but believe me, it has taken me this long to write this.
I know when I’m starting to feel more like myself  when I pick up a book. Like, when that inevitable itch to hold a book in my hand and just sniff it just becomes too much. As well as when I have the mental capacity to watch docudramas on TV, including the fancy foreign ones.

You know, I never associated basket bags as being practically, completely the opposite in fact. Like, what happens if it rains? And more importantly, where do I squeeze in my kitchen sink?
I wanted to cover a few topics this week since it’s Mental Health Awareness week but alas, life has just gotten in the way. I have been yoyo-ing between tummy aches and extreme tiredness, and although I have tried to take my laptop to bed with me a couple of times, it just gets discarded within a matter of minutes. Self care and all that.
I am queen of the to-do list, but this month I seem to be falling behind on the most menial tasks. I have had so much on my mind I thought an online reminder would be just what I needed.
What a season! What a month! I feel like for part of it I have had the actual world on my shoulders. So, apologies if this blog post is a little bit unexciting.
CYO Matte Foundation
I have always spent an absolute fortune on foundation. Well, let's face it finding the perfect foundation is exactly like trying to find the holy grail of jeans.