Why Are We Such A Big Generation Of Snoopers?
The invention of the internet. Amazing, I mean, what would we do without it! Honestly, I would be lost!
Holding My Hands Up To Pre & Postnatal Depression.
You got me! You friggin' got me good. I know it’s no longer Mental Health Awareness week, but believe me, it has taken me this long to write this

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I feel like I am pretty justified in saying I have had a shit few years. I will never say I regret any of my choices because I wouldn't have all that I have now. I mean, I'd quite like my gastro problems to do one, but you know if that's all I'm walking away with after this mess then I will take that. It's just another hurdle I have to overcome.
New month, new makeup. I don't buy new makeup every month, far from it in fact, but since we are in the throws of summer, albeit a British one, I noticed I was starting to get a little bit oilier than usual.
Topshop Denim Jacket
The last time I owned a denim jacket I was 18 and I was never seen without it. Admittedly, Topshop do their denim to perfection and both denim jackets I have owned/own have been from there!
Disneyland Paris
I have never been more excited for a break. 2019 hasn't half taken it out of me I know a Disneyland Paris holiday isn't exactly relaxing, but I am determined to make some time for that on this trip since this will be our only holiday of the year.
Aldi Lacura Smoky Eye Palette
I have been meaning to try Lacura cosmetics in forever. Actually, I can pinpoint the exact moment my interest was peaked and that was when I first saw the Benefit dupes. I think there was a Hoola dupe in particular that I really wanted to try, but due to my already expansive collection of bronzers I thought I would save a little moolah on that occasion.
Well, turns out 2019 is my year for impractical, but bloody cute summer bags! I kind of figured if this one didn't work out it would be perfect to hang a potted plant in... I am all up for that multifuncational product life.

I don't know what it is but pinafore dresses always remind me of school days gone by, I don't think I even wore a pinafore dress the whole time I was in education though!