A 90'S Kid.
The last time I owned a denim jacket I was 18 and I was never seen without it. Admittedly, Topshop do their denim to perfection and both denim jackets I have owned/own have been from there!
E.l.f Makeup. First Impressions.
New month, new makeup. I don't buy new makeup every month, far from it in fact, but since we are in the throws of summer, albeit a British one, I noticed I was starting to get a little bit oilier than usual.

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… I stay in bed with a heatpad. Ha! No, really, nothing has reinforced to me more than anything how I have managed to cope this past year with everything. Well, you know the rest of the line 'the tough gets rough.' I have taken everything thrown at me like a bull by the horns and tried to not let it affect everything.
Superdry Koben wool coat in check
I am always on the hunt for the perfect coat. Honestly. I'm obsessed. My style has evolved so much recently too and I am loving the smart casual look more than ever. You know, that unbrushed hair, clothes thrown on and a quick lashing of mascara look.
Hello Halloween. Inside our house this season.
Welome to Halloween in our house. We are both such big lovers of Autumn, and especially Halloween. Not so much the trick or treaters and the whole Americanisation of the holiday, but just cosy nights in watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat, theme park fright nights, and pumpkin everything!
All the Halloween. Well, that was an easy blog post to write!

Well, you know what they say? 'When in Paris...' And I am all up for embracing that Breton life especially in my favourite place of all time.
This post may not be for everyone, so this is a forewarning for anyone not too keen on hospital procedures. Honestly? I didn't think it would be that bad. Like, I've given birth and there is no pain like having a baby. I think the bit that I most dreaded was the preparation; not being able to eat and uncontrollable diarrhea. Ha! You would think that I would be used to that by now though, eh?
Disneyland Paris Halloween
Oh Halloween, how I love you! Not only can I decorate my house with an abundance of pumpkins, but it also means I can embrace all things spooky, albeit not too spooky because I am the biggest wuss going.