22 Oct 2015

What's In My Handbag #1

Dooney & Bourke
 I love my handbag, so I thought I would do a feature on it. I don't know how men can just carry around a wallet with them and they feel like they have everything they need?! I am not happy unless I have 'everything but the kitchen sink' along with me, and I have always believed you can never plan for too many eventualities.
At the moment I am using my Disney World's Dooney & Bourke handbag. It's surprisingly large and so well made. I have been lusting for one for as long as I remember, so I plan on using it till it falls apart!

So, this is what is in my handbag at present:
  • Ted Baker Floral Purse - I have had this purse for nearly 2 years now and I still love it. It is big enough to keep all my receipts and coupons (I am coupon mad) nice, straight and organised. It also has lots of card holders for the millions of store loyalty cards you tend to accumulate. They also do this design in lots of different colour combinations, but the floral design is what caught my eye because it is just that little bit different.

  • Moleskine Minnie Mouse 2015 Diary - I think it has become clear by now that I am a bit of a Disney Nerd and a chronic organiser. I bought this diary in Amsterdam. I do prefer week to view but they didn't have any in this design and size. I like the fact that it is petite because if I was to change my bag to a smaller one, then I can still fit my diary in.

  • Cross Pen & Highlighter - I think it is so important to invest in a nice pen. You are more likely to look after it if you have paid a bit of money for it, and I am a right sucker for losing pens.

  • Kindle  (not pictured) - I always carry my Kindle with me. I try and read anywhere I can and especially now since I will be upping my reading challenge next year on Goodreads.

  • Keys - For car and house. I love my Universal Studio's key ring which I got from my recent trip to Orlando. Obviously keys are a must, there is nothing worse than being locked out!

  • Beats Earbud Headphones - I hate going anywhere without music. These headphones are probably the best ones I have ever had and come with a handy pouch so they don't get tangled around said 'kitchen sink'.

  • My Little Brown Cosmetic bag -For all my beauty needs. I will feature what is inside of this in another blog post, but as you can see MAC's Velvet Teddy is an Autumnal/Work must have lipstick.

  • Chewing Gum - Deservedly a handbag staple. I take it wherever I go and the new bubblemint flavor is amazing.
What does everyone else have in their handbags? Am I the only one to carry this much around with them!

Love, Jo.


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