15 Oct 2015

Love Me, Love My Cat

My Moggie Knox
So far this blog has been primarily about me without much mention of my fur baby, which is highly surprising, literally, he is pretty much all I talk about. So, this post will serve an introductory purpose.
Meet Knox, my 4 year old, tuxedo 'wearing' moggie.

I first got Knox when I lived in London. I travelled all the way across the city, from Highgate to Hanger Lane just to have a look at him, obviously it was love at first sight, this post would be a bit redundant if it wasn't?! He was just 6 weeks old, and as much as I would have liked him to stay with his mum for longer, the owners reassured me she wanted nothing more to do with her litter.

Anyway, as soon as this blue eyed black fur ball was placed in my hands, I had to have him. He cried all the way home, and understandably so! The tube can be incredibly frightening at times, especially the Northern Line through Camden Town of an evening. Although, he is quite the seasoned traveller now. He has travelled on a bus, tube, train and a car so far.

As you may have noticed, his name is slightly unusual. I had already picked out Domino, original huh? But it just didn't quite suite, it was a bit of a mouthful and I didn't want to call him 'Dom'. Anyway, that night Jackass was on the TV, it wasn't something I usually watched but I just had it on in the background. Seeing Johnny KNOXville doing ridiculous stunts and throwing himself around kind of reminded me of my little whiskered friend and it just stuck after that.

He was such a smart kitten. He was litter trained within a day and started to learn tricks for treats. He can now sit, give paw and speak on command. I am debating on whether to carry on with his training now he is a bit older, and teach him to lie down!

He is definitely quite the character. If he isn't racing around causing havoc, he has dropped dead in front of you wanting his belly rubbed. He absolutely loves being brushed, licking mayonnaise off your plate, tuna, bird watching and drinking water from the tap. Proper street cat behaviour, even though he was brought up far from it. He hates it when you want a sleep in of a weekend, you don't feed him right away and dogs.

He also knows when you are upset and will quite often climb into bed with you when it's cold or just for morning 'Kisses'. His bed is next to ours and it isn't unusual for him to come to bed when we do. It's amazing how human he behaves sometimes but you can definitely see a lot of Big Cat traits. All in all, he is an absolute babe and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Love, Jo.


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