New York, New York (Part 2)

Empire State Building Viewing Platform
In my first post I covered days 1 and 2. Hopefully, this post will cover the majority of the rest! So, on the Wednesday, after getting up at stupid o'clock again, we visited the Empire State Building. Luckily, the hotel was situated just one block up and around the corner.

The queue was extremely short at this time in the morning (Just before opening time at 8am), and we were one of the first few up there. The pass only covers you to the 86th floor, but the visit does come with a free audio guide, which was very interesting when you remembered to click play. I think this experience was the highlight of my visit. I loved the art deco interior and the views were spectacular. The weather was definitely in our favor too.

After paying the rip off price of $25 for our 'official' Empire State Building Experience picture, we took the subway up to Central Park. This is where we rented bikes, again, this was another thing covered by the New York Pass. Bikes are definitely a good choice, it was just nice to get off my feet, and you can cover the whole magnificent park in about 2 hours. After stopping off for a lemonade at the Tavern On The Green we then headed towards the Highline, although not before having an amazing American - Italian lunch at Otto's in Greenwich Village. I had a cheeky Sardinian Iced Tea with a ginormous pizza, and we shared a starter of sliced meats. Delicious!

The Highline
The beginning of the Highline is situated in the Meat Packing District, and goes all the way up to 34th Street. It is a lovely way to see the city and a lot more scenic. Along the way you see parts of the old railway and carefully chosen 'graffiti' featuring Albert Einstein proclaiming 'Love is the answer', complete with demonstrative placard. There is an open air gift shop half way along, seating areas and refreshment carts. I had a lovely raspberry sorbet, but ice-cream flavors ranged from Salted Caramel to Pumpkin Spice. Again, after a long day we had a relatively early night in preparation for Thursday.

 On Thursday, after another bagel and banana muffin breakfast combination (Sometimes I threw in a natural yogurt on top of all that) it was time to visit Grand Central Station, and what an amazing building that was. I still can't believe there were plans to demolish it! Just don't forget to visit the stations food hall. It's better than some of our regular supermarkets! 

It was then on to do my first bit of proper shopping. I then proceeded to hit SephoraBloomingdales, Tiffany & Co, MAC and Victoria's Secret. After spending nearly all my money we visited MoMA. One exhibition meant you could play on really old computer games, like Space Invaders and Pong. We also had a lot of fun trying to guess the titles of Picasso's sculptures, and 9 out of 10 times getting them wrong! The gift shop is pretty special too.

In the evening my boyfriend had gotten us tickets to the Comedy Cellar. We didn't manage to see a Broadway show, but this was an experience like no other. Basically it's a place where comedians will come and try out their new material, so you don't know who you will be seeing until they are introduced on stage. The people we were sharing a table with said that last time they came they were lucky enough to see Robyn Williams!

View from the Manhatten Bridge
 On the Friday the weather was meant to turn soggy in the afternoon, so we managed a quick visit to Brooklyn Bridge before it started to pour down. We had lunch at a lovely eatery called Almar, and then made our way uptown to the Natural History Museum. Again, the entrance fee to this museum was covered by the pass, but you still need to queue to get an official ticket. I was a little bit disappointed that pretty much everything was behind glass? In the film, Night At The Museum, everything seemed a lot more open!

After this, the heavens opened and we had to run back to the hotel, where we had a lovely evening meal and a couple of cocktails in their adjoining bar and brasserie. I had an apple martini with my Eggplant Lasagne (Which, by the way, was the best lasagne I have ever tasted!) and then we went back to our room for dessert, which turned out to be the massive bag of Pick N' Mix I got from Dylan's Candy Store on our first night. Yum!

I will finish my New York trip with a Part 3 coming early next week! This will include my last day and a few other little tidbits that I feel need mentioning.