15 Oct 2015

The Simple Work Necessities

Planner/Organiser from Waterstone's
So, I start work in a few weeks and I thought this would be the perfect time to write a post on work essentials.

  1. My first work 'must-have' is a refillable water bottle - I purchased this one from Amazon. It is so important to keep hydrated, especially if you have a bit of a commute to and from work. There is nothing worse than that dehydrated headache you get towards the end of a long day sat in front of a computer screen.

  2. Planner/Organiser - I just bought this lovely one from Waterstone's. It has everything from a To Do list to Budgets. It has an elasticated band to keep it closed, so you won't ruin the pages carrying it around, and it is ring bound meaning you don't have to spend your life bending the next page back just so you can use the whole page. It also has handy envelopes at the back of each tab to put any extra notes or documents.

  3. Lunch Box - It is so expensive to buy lunch every day, an expense when you are earning minimum wage that you don't need. By bringing your own lunch you can also manage your diet better, and know exactly what you are eating. Of course, all this requires is a bit of forward planning..

  4. My own mug - This is usually Disney themed.. Any excuse for a trip to the Disney Store. I also think it is slightly more hygienic.

  5. Peppermint Teabags - Sitting at a desk all day can make you feel bloated, especially if you are chugging coffee machine java all day. Peppermint tea is a nice and refreshing alternative and aids in digestion to banish that bloat.

  6. Kindle/Reading Material - Always remember you are entitled to 'Me' time. It is all well and good skipping lunch every once in a while but you will burn yourself out if you stop taking breaks altogether, even small ones.

  7. Small makeup bag - For the basics; lip balm/lipstick, blotting papers, powder and chewing gum. You aren't going on a night out, therefore you don't need your whole makeup collection. A small bag that you can keep in your drawer is perfect for any touch-ups needed throughout the day. Also you can keep tampons/towels well hidden in one of these if you are caught unawares.

  8. Antibacterial hand gel & moisturiser - You can never be too careful, right? They say keyboards are one of the main carriers of bacteria, so this is an office must! And no one hates dry hands from office air-conditioning as much as I do, a small tube of moisturiser is a necessity in any work environment.

  9. First aid kit - Obviously not a full one! Just plasters for new shoe disasters, paracetamol for any aches or pains, and eye drops. Again, most work places are air-conditioned and if you are a wearer of contact lenses or not, you may find your eyes get quite tired and gritty. So, don't ruin your perfect eyeliner wings by rubbing because it won't help. I love Hycosan Extra, it's expensive but one of the best lubricating eye drops out there with no preservatives. (However, if you are unsure, always seek advice from an expert)

  10. A cardigan or jumper - Just one small enough you can keep with the rest of your work belongings. You can never tell with the temperature and I hate being cold. You can always remove layers if you are too warm, but if you are too cold and don't have any extra layers to spare, you are in trouble! Also, if it's plain in black, blue, grey or cream, guaranteed it will go with just about everything.
What is everyone else's work day requirements?

Love, Jo.


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