17 Oct 2015

Wishlist: Wanted: A Single Man Of Large Fortune

My lust list
I am joking, I love my boyfriend, but it's true. I have an unfortunate expensive taste. Unfortunate meaning there is no way I could ever afford half the stuff that I wish for.

I would need to either, marry well, or win the lottery! So, to get me started here are just a few things..


Grineeh Arabian Flower Bag by Malene BirgerMedium Lily Bag in Oxblood by MulberryKeychain Parisienne Lemon by Laduree
3. Keychain Parisienne Lemon by Laduree 4. Calze Rustic Weave Shoes in Chestnut by Ugg


Urban Decay's Naked Eye Shadow PalletT3's Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer
                1. Naked Eye shadow Pallet by Urban Decay  2. Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer by T3


Next's Floral Watercolour Bed Set
What does everyone else wish for?

Love, Jo.


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