18 Nov 2015

Can't Live With 'Em

Can't live without them.. well, I can, but only for a night or two tops. I was going to do a moaning post on how annoying he is when he leaves his socks in the bed, or doesn't tidy up after himself, but then I thought I would go in a completely different direction and do a post about the necessity of 'me' time, and the top 10 things we (I) do when we are given the night off from our other half.

01. I tend to watch the worst films and the most embarrassingly bad television.. and then lie profusely when asked about my viewing habits. However, to keep up the charade of only seemingly watching 'grown up' television like University Challenge and News Night, it is VERY important to hide tracks i.e. take that DVD out of the player, or delete that recording off the Virgin box. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover how to get rid of the 'Continue Watching for Joanne' menu on Netflix. It's just a dead give away.

02. I always cook the worst meals, and that is if you can call them meals! I too am guilty of a Jelly Squirms and Terry's Chocolate Orange Ice cream dinner. But when my boyfriend asks, my standard response is 'Oh.. Something healthy'. But I often say this whilst pushing the protruding Cadbury's wrappers further down the side of the couch cushions.

03. I often pretend I can sing like Maxwell, or worse, Mariah Carey. I do sometimes wonder what my neighbours must think.

04. And whilst singing out of tune I tend to unleash my inner BeyoncĂ©. I love nothing more than a good boogie when I am on my own. I completely make up for the fact I don't dance in public, and then some. At those times, no one could ever convince me that I had two left feet.

05. I also like to dress like I'm colour blind. I know I shouldn't admit this, being a beauty and fashion blogger and all, but I can't be Instagram/selfie ready 24/7! My comfiest clothes just so happen to be my most hideously uncoordinated.

06. And never have 'night's off' been more important, and needed then when you start to notice that 5 o'clock shadow on your top lip. This time alone is made for us girls to do all our unconventional beauty routines like bleaching, epilating and trimming..

07. I always speak to myself.. because no one appreciates my genius, or humour more than me.

08. Or the cat for that matter.

09. Sometimes nights off are the perfect time to perfect the selfie. Sometimes I scratch number 5 and do the complete opposite. I will try on a couple of different outfits, practice my feline flick and take a dozen and one pictures.. which I later delete because they are all foul!

010. And finally, blogging! Any blogger with a full time job, house to run, and cat to feed will understand the difficulty of organising time to write new posts, or take some pictures. I am often told to 'Blog off' by my boyfriend because sometimes 'Flourish & Blotting' does, from time to time, encroach on our 'couple time'.

Anyway, regardless of all the fun that can be had on my 'nights off,' I wouldn't swap the 'nights on' together for anything.

Love, Jo.


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  1. This is a lovely post, keep being yourself, hehe ❤


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