15 Nov 2015

Driving Miss Daisy; What To Do In An Accident

So, I was recently in my first car accident. Completely not my fault! I was just unlucky enough to be in front of someone who ran a red light, who wasn't paying attention, and didn't stop in time. It was like being in a bumper car. I actually couldn't believe it at first, and thought it might have been someone else. However, realisation quickly dawned. But, I mean, what do you do in this situation? When you are learning to drive, you aren't taught what to do in in this sort of crisis. I guess it's kind of counter intuitive to talk about crashing when you are still only learning!

But I thought it might be useful to know what to do in these sort of situations, hence why I am writing a post about it. I am an extremely careful driver, so careful that sometimes I find I am ridiculed because of it.. but I don't care, my view is speed limits are enforced for a reason! I think my responsible driving is mainly due to the fact I learnt a bit later on in life, in my late 20's, rather than fresh out of the box at 17.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation as me, here is what you need to remember:

  1. Don't panic. I know this might seem a bit redundant, but it could make things a whole lot worse.

  2. Put your hazard lights on. My accident was at a very busy junction, so I didn't want to incur any other problems. Least if you do this, you are making other drivers aware that there is a problem and you aren't just stopping to check your Instagram feed! Or to take a picture of your recent manicure against the steering wheel..

  3. Pull in somewhere safe. Of course, that is, if it's possible, depending on the damage to both cars. You must always stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable period.

  4. Once you have pulled into a safe place, try and assess the damage. That mean's to yourself too. You might feel ok at the time, albeit a little wobbly, but muscular pain in this sort of situation can come on gradually.

  5. Take details. This is where I kind of fell short and had to ring my boyfriend and ask him what I needed! You need the driver's name, contact telephone number and car registration number. Pretty basic really, if you can get an address or the name of their insurance company, then that's a bonus.

  6. Take pictures just incase there are any discrepancies. Take a photo of both cars together, the damage, and if you can, a mug shot of the other driver. Pictures also help if you are in shock and struggle to take notice of details which might help in your claim. For example, whether there were any passengers or the make/model and colour of the other car involved.

  7. If the accident is a little bit more serious, and can't really be sorted by just swapping details, then call the emergency services.

  8. If your car is un-driveable you will have to ring your insurance company on the spot for a tow.

  9. And finally, like I mentioned in Point 4, go to the doctors if you are in any discomfort. If the accident appeared to be just a simple fender bender, you might still need to get checked out. I was extremely shocked afterwards, I couldn't get warm or stop shaking, as well as being in a bit of pain. So I made myself drink a hot tea and eat a Mr Kipling French Fancy. Purely medicinal, of course.
 Anyway, I hope this post was useful, and careful driving everyone! Suffice it to say we are investing in a decent dashboard camera in the next couple of weeks.

Love, Jo.



  1. Thank you for posting a few tips that can be followed after an accident. I was recently in an accident, and I was so torn up for a month that I couldn't live a normal life. I am sorry that you had to experience being in one, and I am glad that you are alright.

    1. Aw! Thanks for reading it! I hope you are on the road to recovery now. I know what you mean by not being the same. I've gone from loving driving to absolutely hating it! I was actually in another one at the beginning of the year, nothing too serious and again it wasn't my fault, but it's an absolute mind field! X


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