22 Nov 2015

My Weekend Rituals

I thought I would do a post on weekends, and my top picks for what I like to do on them. I absolutely adore my weekends. It's my time to catch up on everything I haven't had time to do during the week because of work etc.

1. Blogging - I don't really get time to blog during the week. I might be able to squeeze in about 30 minutes a day, but I usually write the bulk of my blog posts on a Saturday or Sunday. Plus, I can only take my pictures at the weekend as I am leaving the house when it's dark and coming home when it's even darker. And every blogger knows, natural light is your bestest friend!

2. Sleeping - After getting up at 6am all week, I am definitely ready for a lie in. The only problem with that is trying to get the cat to understand the concept of weekends. He is usually sat on my chest at 6.30am wondering why I'm not up yet, and where his breakfast is.

3. Spending time with my two boys - This is, by far, my favourite activity. I love nothing more than spending time with both my boyfriend and my cat, Knox. Dependant on the weather, some Sunday's we will go walking in the Lake District and have a well deserved pub dinner. Or if it's blowing a 'hooley', it's number 7 all the way.

4. Pampering - Usually this is a great time to do my nails, put a conditioning mask on my hair, de-fluff, as in epilate! And anything else I have neglected throughout the week. I love splashing out on a truly indulgent treat to try of a weekend too. Usually anything from Lush will do.

5. Being Cinderella (Pre-Ball, obviously!) - I often use this time to catch up on cleaning, ironing, washing. You name it and I usually do it of a weekend. It sounds like an absolute snore-fest, but I love nothing more than giving the house a thorough clean, sort and polish. It's so therapeutic and makes me feel prepared for the week ahead.

6. Personal Admin - I don't know about you but I tend to use the weekend to catch up on emails, open post, and just generally get myself sorted.

7. 'Netflix and chill' - Or playing catching up on the weeks recorded television. Usually with a glass of wine in one hand and a packet of Cadbury's Giant Buttons in the other.. well, it is the weekend after all! At the minute I am ploughing through my Christmas film collection at speed. This weekend alone I have managed to watch The Santa Clause and Christmas with the Kranks.

8. Just call me Nigella - Of a weekend I love getting my bake on. Sometimes I bake a cake after work, but by the time it has cooled and is ready to be iced, it's well past my bed time. Today I managed to bake some two tone cookies. Recipe will be coming soon to Flourish & Blotting.

9. Splashing Out - In my opinion, the weekend is the perfect time to do some internet shopping, and what's better than from the comfort of your own bed? I am always reluctant to go into Liverpool at the weekend, purely because of how busy it can be. Plus, with the winter weather finally making an appearance, there is nothing I dislike more than rain. Honestly, I am like a Gremlin if I get wet.. It's not definitely not a pretty sight. All I can say is; thank the Gods for home delivery.

What does everyone else love doing at the weekend? As I type this post, my dinner is being prepared. I can't wait, it's steak night! After dinner we will be snuggling in front of the log burner and watching the 3rd season of The Bridge. Perfect.

Love, Jo.


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