New York, New York (Part 3)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York
So, I thought I would finally finish my posts on New York with my last day there, and some important tips and tricks to remember if you are visiting any time soon.

Our last day was pretty low key, after an action packed 5 days suffice to say we were very tired. After a luxurious lie in we checked out of the hotel. I can't say this for all hotels but we had a midday checkout, which was perfect since our flight wasn't till the evening. They even minded our bags for us.

Hotel room at the Hotel Metro New York
It was then time to do a bit of souvenir shopping and pick out the perfect magnet. It's just a thing me and my boyfriend do every time we go abroad. Our aim is to completely fill the front of our refrigerator with them. Anyway, that's moving away from the point. After finding the magnet of our dreams, I wanted a stereotypical 'I Heart NY' hooded top, which I found at a bargain price of $20 in an unassuming souvenir shop in Times Square. I love it too, I bought it in slate grey and it is perfect for just slipping on of an evening when it starts to get a little chilly.

New York; Times Square
After our last bit of New York retail therapy and refuelling in one of the millions of Starbucks in the city, our pass meant we could gain free entry to one exhibition at Discovery Times Square. So, as much as I wanted to see the one currently running on The Hunger Games, I was convinced to see the Body Worlds one instead. Admittedly, after you kind of get past how disgusting it all was, it was actually amazing, and so informative. I definitely don't recommend this if you are squeamish, but if you have an interest in anatomy, go for it.

Once we had finished at the exhibition, I was surprisingly hungry, so we walked up to the upper east side, taking in the sights, had a brief look in the Chrysler Building, and on to a place that had come highly recommended called The Smith. This is where I had my first taste of real America in the form of Mac & Cheese. It was absolutely amazing, and was served as a starter.. I then foolishly ordered, with eyes way larger than my belly, a Fried Chicken Sandwich, which I unfortunately couldn't finish.

After our last New Yorkian supper, it was time to head to the airport. As I mentioned here, we hired a Lincoln from the airport to the hotel, but it was decided we should try and get the subway back. It worked out a lot cheaper as we already had our travel cards which covered us all the way to the Airtrain (JFK). By the end of the 5 days we had sort of gotten our head around the travel system too. If you are doing this though, remember to leave yourself at least 2 hours to get there though. Even at none peak times, it seemed to go around the world twice before you finally got to Sutphin Blv/Archer Avenue.

Also you want to leave yourself enough time to have a look around duty free. JFK is massive and the shops are well worth the look around, especially for some last minute gifts.

Other things definitely worth seeing are Carrie's steps from Sex and the City. I'm sorry to quote Katy Perry but it was an absolute teenage dream. Just around the corner from Carrie's apartment is the Friend's apartment. Who knew they were neighbours, and what a series that would have made?!

We also stumbled across the Ghost Busters fire house. This was completely by fluke, as we where just having a wander around Greenwich, and didn't really have a plan for the afternoon. But if you where born in the 80's like I was, then it was a dream come true.

Hints & Tips

Accept the fact you won't see everything and don't regret it. Just add it to your list for next time.

Sometimes it is nice to just have a wander. You can come across all sorts when you aren't really looking for it, and you can get a real feel for the city that way. It can also be a good de-stresser, being away from the queues etc.

Don't worry too much about planning. Some things in New York, especially when you want to get the best from them, are very dependant on the weather, school holidays or time of day.

You don't necessarily need restaurant reservations. If there is somewhere you particularly want to visit, then by all means email ahead. But if a place is full all you need to do is walk 2 minutes up the road and you will find another restaurant just as amazing. New York is a foodies heaven.

Check out reviews. I always do this, no matter where I am going. I know they are subjective but at least you aren't going in completely blind.

Pack comfortable clothes, especially footwear. New York may be the fashion capital of the United States but with any city break, you need to be comfortable. So unfortunately if you are sightseeing, it should be more about function than fashion.

Don't over exert yourself and try and get enough sleep. Stagger your late nights if possible. If not, you will get tired, and with a short break you can't really afford to make yourself ill with it.

And that's it really! To anyone visiting New York in the coming month/year, I am so jealous! I hope you enjoy it and found my posts kind of helpful.