8 Nov 2015

It's Just A Little Frosting

I love buying jewellery. (I love it even more if it is bought for me) I definitely think it is a woman's prerogative to be treated to something sparkly at least twice a year (Birthdays and Christmas of course, anything more then that is just a bonus!) I get an extra special tingly feeling whenever I get a new piece. I can be quite picky though, and I usually only go for lighter metals such as silver/white gold/platinum and rose gold. I am not so much a yellow gold type of gal, but I never say never when it comes to frosting.

Most of my jewellery are investment pieces. I don't tend to pick up stacking rings in Primark for example, not because I don't like them, it's just because they are usually quite faddy, and I like jewellery that will go with everything and is timeless. My biggest suggestion is to find your style. I worked out long ago I couldn't accessorise for beans. Hence why I go for jewellery I know I suit, and goes with pretty much my whole wardrobe.

Plus I tend to spend a bit more money on my pieces, so I have less of them. And when you spend a bit more on them usually that means they are made from good quality materials. I definitely value a well made piece of jewellery and not something that gets bent 5 minutes after putting it on. Nothing irks me more than a green finger or the metal starting to tarnish after one wear.

My advice for buying jewellery is all of the above, and know your guarantee. It is inevitable a stone might fall out here and there, so make sure you keep your receipt. Most places will fix it for you within 2 years of purchasing.

Also, it is important to maintain your jewellery, especially if you want it to last. Good maintenance consists of limiting its time in contact with water, soaps and perfumes, and cleaning them regularly. This could mean buying some silver polish from the supermarket (Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly) or taking your 'Preciouses' into your local jeweller. Most places offer a cleaning service, and believe me you won't look back. Your ring, bracelet, necklace, or whatever, will look like you have just bought it.

Take care to avoid extreme humidity or heat as this may cause tarnishing, and store all jewellery in a cool dark place, ideally in a soft pouch to reduce scratches.

 My favourite items to wear are my Tiffany & Co Double Heart Tag and my matching bracelet which my boyfriend bought for me on our recent trip to New York. You will also always find me wearing my Michael Kor's Lexington Mini Watch. When it comes to earrings and rings I tend to change it up on an almost monthly basis. One minute I will be wearing pearls, the next will be my Pandora birthstone set. It all depends on how I am feeling.

What does everyone else wear?

Love, Jo.


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