22 Dec 2015

My Beauty Products of 2015

With 2015 soon coming to an end I thought I would do my 2015 beauty picks. Now, I have loved a lot of products this year but these are the absolute game changers for me.

Brow Stencils by Eylure
I have an olive complexion so I naturally have quite dark features and anyone in the same boat as me will know hair removal/shaping/plucking and dying are an absolute nightmare. I don't really like getting my eyebrows waxed because letting them grow in between treatments means I look like Burt from Seasame Street two weeks out of the month. But these stencils have allowed me to shape them at home and have completely revolutionised my eyebrows.

I can't promote SensatioNail enough. If you are fed up of paying salon prices for a gel manicure then this is perfect for you. Although, I wouldn't be a good blogger if I failed to mention the pricey initial cost of getting all the equipment needed to do your own talons. But there are always deals on the official website or in Boots, so you just need to be a savvy shopper and look out for them. The process does take a while, so setting time aside for it can be tricky, but the results are well worth it. SensatioNail are also always adding more colours too which is great for my nails but bad for my poor debit card.

MAC Prep & Prime for Lips
I am pretty new to wearing lipsticks. To be honest, I was never fully confident I could pull it off. But after starting off with the matte nude 'Velvet Teddy' I am slowly starting to venture on to new, more daring, colours. However, if you want the perfect matte effect you need this lip base. If you use lip balms under a matte lipstick you will notice a subtle sheen, also the staying power of the colour is never as good. MAC's Prep & Prime moisturisers your lips so they don't look cracked or cakey and improves the longevity of your lipstick. Amazing.

MAC Skin Base Visage
As previously mentioned, I have an olive complexion, and alongside that I am privy to oily/combination skin. I have nothing going for me, have I? I probably come across as looking like a right Gruffalo! Anyway, since starting to use MAC's Skin Base Visage Primer my oiliness has been more under control than normal. My makeup is lasting longer and doesn't look too flat. The product itself does have a slight sparkle.. Don't worry, you won't look like an extra from Twilight but once you have your foundation on you will notice a nice dewey look, minus the slick look of oil.

What is everyone else's beauty products of 2015?

Love, Jo.


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