27 Dec 2015

My New Years Resolutions For 2016

This post is pretty self explanatory. I am usually not one for breaking resolutions as I tend to only set ones I think I will stick to. Like, flossing every single day. Stupid, I know, but I have pretty much stuck to it this year and I am proud as punch!

So, my new years resolutions for 2016 are as follows:

To lead a more health conscious lifestyle - Sounds serious doesn't it? I have had a little scare in the past month which has made me realise you shouldn't delay when it comes to ones health.

So, I guess one of my resolutions is not to procrastinate. This can be applied to all sorts, including doing my ironing..

I would like to include under the same new healthy lifestyle umbrella; Doing yoga at least once a week - Well, it's good for the mind AND body. To start going to the dentist regularly - I absolutely hate the dentist, and I have done since I was young. But I had the worst toothache a couple of weeks ago from a compacted wisdom tooth and I have had a bit of a change of heart. I learnt that a swollen face is definitely not a good look! and finally, take a multi vitamin - I know, they probably don't even work and I should be getting all my nutrients through my diet, but that is not always possible when pizza is your favourite food.

Be more organised - I am pretty organised already but really I just want an excuse to whip out my new Kate Spade diary every chance I get. (see featured image) I was also given this amazingly pretty card organiser for Christmas which I plan on utilising greatly.

Card Organiser from Paperchase - Pen from Kate Spade

Start crocheting - Embarrassingly, I have had wool and a crochet hook tucked away deep inside my wardrobe for about a year now. It is about time I did something with it.

Read more - So, this year I managed to reach my Goodreads target of 26 books in a year. I am always on the look out for ways to better myself so, in this next year I think I am going to aim for 30.

I would also love to learn to play the piano.. But I'm not sure how achievable that will be for this year.

What are your goals for 2016?

Love, Jo.



  1. I'd love to be able to play the piano! I've tried to teach myself a few times but I never do it consistently enough!

    Corinne x

  2. You're braver than me, trying to teach yourself. I was planning on getting a teacher!



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