Blogging On Location

As a new blogger I think it is safe to say I have never blogged on location before. I didn't really know how difficult it would be, and I kind of took a methodical approach to what I thought I would need (and by methodical I mean a complete stab in the dark). Being in this situation prompted me to write this post to help out some of you other bloggers who haven't done this before either.

I know you are probably thinking 'why isn't she out there enjoying herself?' I haven't really kept it a secret that after an abnormal smear result just before Christmas it has taken me up until now to kind of be ok (if you would like a blog post on this, let me know. I am all up for sharing my experience if it helps anyone). Fortunately just in time for this holiday, but unfortunately not in time to learn how to ski! I have booked 6 hours of begginner lessons, so I will just have to see how I get on.

Honestly, it's just nice to finally be able to relax. The hotel we are in has a spa and a pretty nice shopping district, so I'm sorted. Also, I can catch up on my blogging and practice my photography.

So, onto what I have brought with me to help achieve this;

iPad Air - I would love to purchase a MacBook at some point but if you have an iPad, it's still doable.

Logitech Keys-To-Go - This is probably one of my best purchases. It wasn't cheap (around £40), but definitely worth the price tag. The keyboard works on Bluetooth, so it's cordless and it is so light. Its  width is thinner than my iPhone so it is the perfect packing size. The battery is rechargeable and can last up to 30 hours, but I have yet to see that yet.

Canon EOS 1200D - This is the camera I use for blogging, and pretty much everything else. Again, this isn't a nessecity. Some bloggers can take amazing, and very enviable photos just using their phone!

Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter - Again this was another expensive product (around £25), but I am so chuffed with it. Whilst shopping around I did see a couple of cheaper aleternatives, but I wanted something guaranteed to work and good quality. This just plugs into my iPad creating a USB port that my camera can use, I can then import all my pictures. Who needs wifi? I don't!

VSCO App for iPad - My on the go photo editor. At home I use Paint Shop Pro but this is perfect for quick touch ups, and it's free.

Amazon Prime Subscription - Ok, this is not a necessity and in truth, I subscribed to this just to use the free 30 day trial to get my Christmas presents quicker, but I was a bit of a squirrel brain and completely forgot to cancel it afterwards. However,  unlike Netflix you can download and watch full series of your favourite TV Programmes abroad. I can also listen to my favourite tunes whilst blogging as AmazonMusic works on just a wifi connection in any country.

I hope this post helps anyone contemplating a blogging life on the road!