17 Jan 2016

My Holiday Prepration Guide

(Sorry my passport isn't the prettiest thing in the world to photograph!)
Bag: Longchamp Last Season Lipstick: MAC's Saigon Summer
Sunglasses: Rayban Original Ladies Wayfarer in Tortoiseshell

It's not long now until I will be swooping down the luscious white mountains of Andorra.. *Shoop Shoop Shoop* Or more realistically doing the snow plough down the bunny hills. I have to admit, I have failed one of my New Years Resolutions already when it comes to this holiday - I am in no way organised. I guess I have just had other things on my mind lately.

I am hoping this blog post really spurs me on to get my bum into gear though. At the top of my check list is locating the nearest Sephora.. Clearly my priorities are in the right order.

1. Pre- Booking Option - If there is one, take it! It doesn't really matter what kind of holiday you are going on, if there is something you specifically want to do, don't delay. I was advised ski lessons before I went would be a good idea.

2. Monies - I hate buying currency, I panic when it comes to getting the best deal. When we went to New York we pre-ordered our dollars to pick up from the airport, and actually got a pretty good exchange rate. It's kind of perfect for those of us who are organised, but at the last minute.

3. Appropriate Clothing - Check! I have just this second ordered a big coat from Superdry and I am now on the hunt for some boots.. Luckily, I have enough wooly bobble hats to accommodate a whole family, but I am a menace for leaving this till last minute. When I went to Florida my bikini came like, 2 days before I was due to fly.

4. Insurance - This is important when applied to any holiday. Always make sure you have this! And here's a tip; if you use a price comparison website you often get a better and cheaper deal than something 'in-store'.

5. Knox's Holiday Home - There is nothing more important than getting the cat sitter sorted. Luckily for us I have very accommodating cat-loving 'In - Laws'.

6. Last Minute Shopping trip - I have booked the day off before I leave because I am planning on spoiling myself (a passport cover might be a good idea in this case! See featured image), and buying up half the local Lush store to take with me.

On a separate note, my packing list includes: iPad, keyboard and all associated chargers, camera,  my colouring book and some new material for my Kindle. I am also planning on utilising my evenings and learning how to play chess over a glass, or two, of Port.

Ok, so, what am I missing?!

Love, Jo.


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