9 Jan 2016

Inside My Little Brown Costmetic v.1

So, I thought I would write a post on what's in my makeup bag, not my main makeup bag as we would be here all day, but the one I carry with me at ALL times. The 'essentials' as my boyfriend doesn't EVER call them.

  • MAC Lipstick - At the minute it is either, Velvet Teddy or Diva depending on the look I am going for. Both are matte and are inevitably very suitable for the winter months.

  • Soap & Glory's Hand Food - I always need to moisturise my hands. I don't know how they get so dry all the time. This cream is well priced, smells nice and works just as well as the more expensive high end ones.

  • Hand Gel -  I am a bit of a bacteria-phobe. I sanitise my hands after everything and anything, especially before and after eating food. This gel is meant to smell like Strawberry Laces.. I will get back to you on that one.

  • EOS Lipbalm - I love this little ball. It's so aerodynamic and all the flavours are lovely. I got this one in Target on my recent visit to America for half the price of what you pay for it in the UK! I tend to have these everywhere I go, including work.

  • Benefit's Hello Flawless Powder - I don't carry much makeup with me as I don't wear much during the day to begin with. However, I do need to touch up my foundation periodically during the day as I am an unfortunate oily skin sufferer. This little compact is perfect because it comes with a mirror and integrated brush.

  • Benefit's Boing - For all those important, and often unexpected, cover ups.

  • Blink Eyedrops - I always make sure I have lubricating eye drops with me, especially when I am wearing my lenses. These are perfect because they are preservative free, and last longer than the ones in a bottle.

  • MAC's Prep & Prime - This is my go to lip product for 2015 and an essential for any matte wearing lipstick lover. It moisturisers your lips like a balm, but doesn't affect the overall effect of the lip balm.

  • An Invisibobble & a Kirby Grip- Is, I believe, the essence of any girl's makeup bag. Although, I have recently discovered you can buy a pack of 12 of these in Primark for half the price. These are great for just throwing your hair up. I love using them for messy buns as they seem to stay put for longer.

  • And finally, Tampons and your other girly bits - Not pictured, obviously. I am definitely no Ansel Adams, but I think even he would struggle to photograph sanitary products and make them look blog worthy!

What are your 'essentials'? Am I missing out on something revolutional?

Love, Jo.


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