13 Jan 2016

My Blogging Highlights; 3 Months In

I thought now would be the perfect time to reflect back on my last 3 months of blogging, and my top 5 blog posts so far. I didn't really know what to expect when I started blogging, I just always knew it was something I wanted to do. I think it is safe to say my confidence has improved in the past 3 months. Flourish & Blotting has really given me something to focus on, a hobby, and even a possible career option.

It's definitely hard to establish yourself in an already established blogging sphere. I do a little squeal of joy if I get over 20 page views in a day, but on other days I will get 2 if I am lucky. That's when I turn to my cat, have a little whinge about why people aren't visiting, then scoff a whole bag of Maltesers. I am slowly starting to learn though, it's not always about numbers.

Anyway, in the past 3 months I have rebranded my blog already. I think it is important that your blog reflects you as much as possible, and when I first started out with fondofdancing, I knew something wasn't right. For one, I'm not even that keen on dancing! Only when I have had a mojito or two do I consider cutting the rug. Flourish & Blotting was perfect though. It not only gives the nod to one of my favourite things (Harry Potter - if you hadn't already guessed!) but it is also relevant to the site content and what I enjoy to write about.

I am also slowly improving my photographic skills. I have always had an interest in photography, but I am really starting to love it now. You can also read about my blogging goals for 2016 here.

So, on to my 5 favourite posts;

01. New York, New York - I loved writing these posts and just reminiscing about the amazing time I had.  I definitely want to go back sometime soon so I can expand on these posts.

02. It's Hard Being A Woman - This was my post on cervical screening and I realise the importance of this post even more so now. So please read it!

03. You Need To Be More Like Her - I loved writing this post because it was something I felt really strongly about. It was nice to have an outlet for growing up being the 'black sheep'.

04. Can't Live With 'Em - I love writing about more personal aspects of my life. Well, come on! It can't be all about MAC Lipsticks and Lush bath bombs.

05. Recipe; Comforting Cherry & Vanilla Madeira Cake - I know it's simple, but this has to be my favourite cake recipe so far, although I promised myself I would be a bit more experimental this year.

So, here is to the next 3 months and then some!
Love, Jo.


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