29 Jan 2016

My Travel Beauty Essentials #1

My travel beauty essentials. Bag from Primark
I planned on posting this blog whilst I was away in Andorra but I kind of missed the boat on that one. Anyway, better late than never! I bought this adorable cosmetics purse on a recent trip to Primark for a bargain price of £5. It really lets my Disney nerdyness subtly shine through.

So, here are some of my travel essentials are (in no particular order);

Nivea Pure & Natural Make Up Wipes - I am still a fan of the good old makeup wipe. It is easier to travel with too as they don't take up much space, and aren't as heavy as a liquid.

Lush's Happy Hippy Shower Gel - I loved the smell of this, and it really woke me up in the morning. Something I definitely needed when hitting the slopes at 9am.

Lush's I Love Juicy Shampoo - This product was a ski hair saviour. It was great for really giving my hair a deep cleanse, this was especially necessary after a few hours of hat hair.

Lush's Sugar Daddy-O Conditioning Bar - Can you tell I went to Lush before coming away? I wanted some really luxurious pamper products to take with me because I knew I would be doing quite a lot of physical exertion which inevitable would lead to an indulgent treat. This conditioning bar was perfect in conjunction with the cleansing shampoo for making my hair soft and shiny.

Lush's Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - My first ever bath bomb! I bought this one at Christmas and had it stashed away until I could finally use it. I think I can easily say that on this holiday my body hasn't known what's hit it. This bomb was so relaxing, left my skin feeling soft, and my muscles not so achy.

Colgate Plax Mouthwash Mini - This is such an important for all those foreign culinary dishes laced with like, a whole garlic bulb. I bought this last minute little mini from Primark.

Biore Ultra Pore Strips - These are like, the BEST. If you are an oily skin, blackhead sufferer like myself you need these in your life. I just pop them on my chin and nose after a particularly steamy shower or bath, leave for 15 minutes and then rip them off. You will be amazed. Tip: After removal, I always just splash the area with cold water, just to close the pores up.

Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off - Fabulous for those late nights and early mornings. This product can also be worn under makeup and I think it makes all the difference. It is definitely one of my Monday morning saviours.

What does everyone else take on holiday with them?

Love, Jo.


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