28 Feb 2016

Blog Tips: Starting A Blog

As you may of noticed I created a 'Blogging' page on Flourish & Blotting for the main reason that one day it might be quite a useful resource for anyone either wanting to start a blog, or for those who already have one. And what better way than documenting my own journey? I am thinking of doing a series of these posts, so let me know in the comments if that would be something you would like to see on here.

26 Feb 2016

Makeup Medley #1

Welcome to my new feature! I have decided to document the makeup products I use from month to month. I am always changing it up, so it will be interesting to see the regular staples and the new comers.

24 Feb 2016

Profession: Full-Time Juggler

-insert eye roll here - Sometimes I feel completely over whelmed with either the lack of time I have to accomplish things, or the fact that I manage my time so badly I never get things done. I think it's probably the latter, but don't tell my boyfriend that. So, I thought I would do a post on my tips for effective time management.

22 Feb 2016

Review: Revlon's Dramatic Definition Mascara

Who doesn't love a good high street mascara? And Revlon's Dramatic Definition Mascara is definitely a good 'un. Revlon actually brought out 5 of these mascara's, each with a different function but the overall goal being the same, fab lashes.

20 Feb 2016

What To Watch This Weekend

With the weather being so dismal at the minute, and rain forecast for the WHOLE weekend I thought it would be a good time for a blog post about what's good to watch at the moment. I think I have mentioned previously that I suffer greatly from 'Gremlin' syndrome. So, going outside really isn't viable.

19 Feb 2016

My Nightly Beauty Routine v.1

I am always interested in other peoples night time routine. I don't know about you, but I am always on the look out for new products to improve it or make it easier. We have all been there when the most we are willing to do some nights is to swipe at our face with a makeup wipe and literally show our teeth the brush and that's it. At the moment I think I have everything covered, and it definitely works for me.

17 Feb 2016

Just Your Average 'Jo'

I thought it would be quite nice to do a post about the girl behind Flourish & Blotting, something a little bit more in-depth than my About page.

15 Feb 2016

I'm A Bedridden 'Winter Is Here' Cliche

I tend to over dramatize when I’m poorly, what can I say? I love the sympathy! Don’t worry, I am not really bedridden, I just have a cold. But I did think this was the perfect opportunity to share with you all my go-to recovery products and rituals.

11 Feb 2016

February's 2016 Birchbox

February 2016 Birchbox
Well, I have to say this box was well worth opening the door to the postman in my pajamas for. If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox you can do so here.

1 Feb 2016

Wishlist: MAC Lipsticks

Lust List: MAC Lipsticks
(from left to right; Saigon Summer - Diva - Persistence - Velvet Teddy)

I think I am long overdue for a new lipstick. I do have a certain affinity for MAC lipsticks too even though my collection is so miniscule. Anyway, I am desperately wanting to up my game, lipstick wise, so here are a couple of colours I have had my eye on;
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