15 Feb 2016

I'm A Bedridden 'Winter Is Here' Cliche

I tend to over dramatize when I’m poorly, what can I say? I love the sympathy! Don’t worry, I am not really bedridden, I just have a cold. But I did think this was the perfect opportunity to share with you all my go-to recovery products and rituals.

The first thing I do on the onset of cold symptoms, is to take Paracetemol. This is pretty much a given. It doesn’t combat the aches and pains but it eases them, so you can carry on with your day to day activities with only a small amount of discomfort and whinging. My colds usually start with a sore throat so, I usually use Cavonia Throat Spray and drink hot water with lemon and honey (in a Disney mug, of course!), rather than my usual choice of coffee or tea. This is because apparently dairy increases mucus production, ick! Something you definitely don't want!

I also like to introduce effervescent vitamin tablets. I am somewhat of a commitment – phobe when it comes to taking vitamins, but I have always believed that with a relatively healthy diet, they aren’t really necessary. However, when suffering from a cold I tend to lose my appetite and I feel like the extra vitamins do aid in recovery. That, and eating about 50 oranges. Plus, the soluble tablets contributes somewhat towards getting plenty of fluids.

In contradiction to my healthy diet and newly acquired vitamin intake, I once heard that chocolate helps with a cough.. I maintain this is true, and I exercise this remedy thoroughly.. Well, you know what they say! 'Feed a cold, starve a fever' or something like that.

If I am bunged up, I usually move on from Paracetamol to more specific medication designed for cold and flu symptoms, this is because they contain a decongestant which will usually minimise that nasty heady feeling. I also like getting a hot shower (with plenty of Lush products, any excuse for a new haul), the steam really can loosen up a stuffy nose and a tight chest. At night, I love to use Vix Vapour RubTip: I ALWAYS use tissues with balsam. There is nothing less attractive than a Rudolph style red, scaly nose.

Finally, if possible, do things that make you feel better. Sometimes just putting on a little bit of makeup, getting into fresh bedding, or having a nap with a furry friend, can make all the difference. It is definitely true that sleep heals a multitude of ailments so, don't forget to rest as much as possible.

I hope this has helped, if I am missing anything on my quest for recovery, please comment below! And get well soon to everyone suffering from this same dismal plight...

Told you I can be over dramatic!
Love, Jo.


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