Just Your Average 'Jo'

I thought it would be quite nice to do a post about the girl behind Flourish & Blotting, something a little bit more in-depth than my About page.

I was born on June 6th, and if I gave any weight to star signs I would say I was your typical Gemini. I turned 30 last year, which is not without it's pressures.. But it isn't half as bad as I thought it would be. I just 'Netflix and Chill' ALOT now, moan about not getting a seat on the train, and spend my Sunday evenings with a glass of red wine and Countyfile.

I did a university degree in English, although you wouldn't have guessed it half the time, my spelling can be absolutely atrocious!

I work full time in administration, I know, boring right? It suits my OCD quite nicely though. I would have quite liked to be an air hostess, but the thought of being away from my cat (after rereading I noticed I didn't say my boyfriend!) for periods of time made me sad.

Despite this, I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, he's a good 'un, but not when he leaves his dirty socks lying about.

I used to live in North London (Muswell Hill to be exact) but moved up to Liverpool nearly 4 years ago now. I had to actually count on my fingers then, time has really flown. I love it up here but I really miss the bustle of a big city sometimes, it also means I have this horrible in-between accent that I get made fun of on a daily basis.

I adore travelling, and the list of countries I want to visit is probably longer than my arms and legs put together! Last year I visited Florida, New York, and Italy (more specifically Rome and Assisi). I have also travelled to Amsterdam, Paris, Andorra, and Barcelona.

Bit of a random fact about me; I made it to the top 50 girls auditioning for Britain's Next Top Model when I was 18. It's sad that this is my only claim to fame, and it was now over 10 years ago.. I could never be a model though, I love pizza too much! And chocolate, those are my main vices.

I love to shop. I really don't think this needs any more elaboration, do you? Shops are what I call my 'natural habitat'. You can usually find me down one of the skincare aisles of Boots.

I also love to bake, and recently acquired a KitchenAid for Christmas. I'd like to think of myself as a brunette version of Mary Berry.. that sounds a bit weird, doesn't it?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!