1 Feb 2016

Wishlist: MAC Lipsticks

Lust List: MAC Lipsticks
(from left to right; Saigon Summer - Diva - Persistence - Velvet Teddy)

I think I am long overdue for a new lipstick. I do have a certain affinity for MAC lipsticks too even though my collection is so miniscule. Anyway, I am desperately wanting to up my game, lipstick wise, so here are a couple of colours I have had my eye on;

Tropic Tonic; I am slowly coming away from my winter staples of Velvet Teddy and Persistence and I am ready for something a bit more light and colourful.

Ruby Woo; I am distinctly lacking a classic red lipstick, something I only realised recently. It's a toss up between this and Russian Red, what do you think?

I really want a nice nude too. I was thinking either Yash or the long wear lip pencil in Oh Honey?

Has anyone got any other suggestions, MAC or otherwise?

Love, Jo.


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