Blog Tips: Starting A Blog

As you may of noticed I created a 'Blogging' page on Flourish & Blotting for the main reason that one day it might be quite a useful resource for anyone either wanting to start a blog, or for those who already have one. And what better way than documenting my own journey? I am thinking of doing a series of these posts, so let me know in the comments if that would be something you would like to see on here.

This post is like a tips and tricks for those thinking about starting a blog and don't really know where to begin. This is completely based on own experience too, so here goes:

01. Create An Identity. By this I mean a blog name and what you want to write about. Try to keep your name constant throughout so you are easy to find on all channels, and so that people can identify you by your content. You should be completely happy with this before you move on to the next few steps. When I was picking a name I kept all my ideas written down and just chose the one that stood out and represented me the most.

02. Pick A Platform. I actually started off on Wordpress but found I could have more creative freedom for cheaper (free!) on Blogger. For example; there just seemed to be more plugins that I wanted for my blog available on blogger. It's definitely personal preference though, I would recommend you read up on them all and see which one YOU prefer.

03. Design. Whether you create it yourself or purchase a theme, it's always a good idea to keep to one colour scheme, and only a couple of font variations. It is so important that your blog is attractive, but also eye catching. Lucky for me I had some html knowledge (rusty at best!) before I started, so it is quite easy for me to tweak things. Although, if you want to do something in particular relating to html, Google is your trusty friend!

04. Picture Perfect. For my blog pictures I use a Canon EOS 1200D, but I don't think you need a SLR to take amazing pictures. Some of my favourite Bloggers just rely on their iPhone, plus there are so many resources on the net offering help taking the best picture. To edit and create my images I use Paint Shop Pro 9 and Snapseed (iPhone app) but I will probably do another blog post dedicated solely to editing photographs soon.

05. Social Media. Start being more present on social media platforms. I only really use Instagram and Twitter at the moment, as I know my limitations when it comes to time to dedicate to them. (Working full time is rubbish!) As a new Blogger myself, I am still trying to perfect these, but in the future I would like to move on to others, like Snapchat and YouTube.

06. Start Writing. Content and writing style that is interesting and engaging is always a good idea. One thing I like to see as a reader is content that is personable. I like to see the writers personality shine through their posts rather than facts, figures and reviews. Most Bloggers that I love, I actually want to be friends with IRL.. Is that weird?

If anyone has any questions, please leave a comment!