20 Mar 2016

Friday Night; Date Night

Originally this was going to be a beauty post, my makeup, what I wore etc. And I am more than happy to tell you! But then I did a complete 360 and I thought I would write about my feelings on the importance of dating, and how it contributes towards a healthy relationship.

I can't stress enough how important it is to make time for each other, especially if you have been going out for a few years. Failure to make proper time for one another can potentially be very detrimental to your relationship, and I will be the first to admit to knowing what that's like.

Neglect is, undoubtedly, the worst feeling in the world. Your confidence can be affected, and believe me, I have been there. You blame yourself for the lack of willingness your other half has towards spending time with you, and it pretty much spirals from there.

My only advice if you are in this kind of situation and have concerns is to voice them, and make sure you are heard. Don't leave it till it's too late.

Anyway, less of the preachy preachy and more of the positivity positivity!

I always find that date nights have a tendency to bring you closer together. They are also an excellent way to de-stress and relax. Sometimes I will talk James's ear off about a problem and instantly feel better.

It's the perfect way of keeping the romance alive, so start planning and making memories!

My tips for a perfect date night:

01. Plan ahead. It gives you something to look forward to then, and scheduling doesn't become a problem.
02. Compromise. If you can't find something you both like to do, take it in turns to choose an activity. You may find you like something you never thought you would before.
03. Phones off. There is only meant to be 2 of you on this date, not all your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Anyway, lucky for me I got invited to the Temple Fair dinner at Busaba Eathai. A new Thai restaurant that has recently opened its doors in the heart of Liverpool city centre. It fitted in perfectly with our schedules, and we were long overdue some time to ourselves.

Trying out the Thong Lo spritz and loving it

It was the perfect evening. We were greeted at the door with a Jasmine Margarita (so yum!) and escorted to our table. The food and drink was fantastic and the staff were more than attentive.

For starters I had Por-pia jay (basically, vegetable spring rolls) which came with a delicious chilli dipping sauce. James had Chicken satay with peanut sauce, of course, I had to have a little nibble of, and it was incredible.

My mouth watering main course with a side of Jasmine rice

For our mains I had an aromatic vegetable curry which consisted of pumpkin, Swiss chard, French bean and cucumber relish. James had a whole steamed sea bass with chilli, coriander, basil lime and Jasmine rice.

Dessert, being my favourite part of the meal, was out of this world. I would go again just for the pudding. We both had chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce. Dreamy.

The Tuk Tuk Photo booth

Overall, we had a lovely time. We supped on the most gorgeous cocktails, had our picture taken in a Tuk Tuk photo booth, and ate cotton candy until are blood sugars where through the perfectly decorated roof. Oh! and the d├ęcor was on point too. I will definitely be visiting again to give those chopsticks another go.

What does everyone else do on their date nights?

Love, Jo.


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