The Ultimate Weekend In

(Moomin Pajama bottoms from Primark)

I think it is no surprise that I am probably the biggest homebody going. I love nothing more than spending my weekend pottering about the house, and after I have gotten all my jobs done, like the washing and cleaning, I am then free to relax and enjoy my weekend.

These are my top 10 tips for making a weekend in absolutely perfect.

01. Sleeping in till 10am.. but staying in my pajamas till 4..

02. Baking up a storm in the kitchen. Who doesn't love home baked sweet treats? A slice of cake and a cup of tea on a Saturday (and Sunday!) afternoon is complete perfection. Last weekend I baked a delicious carrot cake.

03. Afternoon naps. Maybe I am just showing my age, but I love a good snooze. I am really enjoying spritzing my pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray even when it's not bedtime.

04. Internet shopping was made for the weekends. Who wants to be trudging through town in the rain with a million paper bags, or stood in a Saturday afternoon queue in Primark? Not me!

05. Pamper time. Whether it's getting the most luxurious of baths, weekends are always mani pedi time for me. I usually apply a Lush face mask too and away I go.

06. All things blogging. I spend a bit of my weekend writing all my posts for the week ahead, catching up on vlogs, and blogs that I hadn't had time to read during the week.

07. Making a pillow and blanket fort in the living room and then watching all the Netflix.

08. Lighting a couple (dozen) of candles. Everything is so much more relaxing in candlelight. I am loving my Jo Malone candle in Lime Basil & Mandarin.

09. Prosecco anyone? I love bubbles on a Saturday night, and loath paying a fortune for them in a bar.

10. Rocking out. Or not.. I just love putting on an Amazon Prime playlist and letting it wash over me. I accidently signed myself up after Christmas (I was taken in by the prospect of free delivery) and I actually love it now. There is music to suit any mood, and the film/TV selection is 2nd to none.

What is everyone else's perfect weekend in consist of?