1 Apr 2016

My March 2016 Favourites

So, I have been loving quite a few things this month, and having to pick just a few things is definitely a bit tricky. It still feels like only yesterday I was writing my February favourites.

Just a forewarning, some of these products are not particularly new on on the market, but you know what they say, oldies but goodies. In my opinion they are still thoroughly deserving of their March Favourites place.

So, my first product is by Biore. These gems are the Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, and if you suffer from chronic blackheads like I do, these are perfect. Application is so easy, and you can actually see the results on the strip after removal. My only tip would be to apply after a hot shower or bath. The steam tends to open up the pores, which means removing them is so much more effective.

This Reincarnation Mask from Bleach London is probably the best high street purchase you can make for your hair. I only just noticed that I have been using it wrong too. Duh! I am such a squirrel brain. According to the instructions you are meant to apply this before you shampoo, but I have been using it as an after shampooing treatment. Either way, the condition of my hair has drastically improved, and at £6.00 a bottle, it's a steal.

This Marble Bangle is from Coconut Lane, I just can't get enough of marble! This subtle gold bangle is so perfect. It just goes with everything and adds a nice touch of sophistication to any outfit. Remember you can still get 20% off any purchase with the code 'flourish20'.

I am also loving my new Emma Bridgewater bedding. I mentioned in my Weekly Edit #3 that I really wanted to spruce up our bedroom a bit, and I did just that with this pretty duvet set.

And finally, if you haven't already watched The Night Manager, you really must. It was such a nail biting series, and I think I have found my future husband in Tom Hiddleston. Dreamy.

What has everyone else been loving in March?

Love, Jo.



  1. I really love those Biore strips too - they work wonders!

    1. They really do! I am so self conscious of my pores. These are the only things that work for me x


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