The Lake District Diaries - Part 1

I am so excited to write this, I think me and travel writing have a sort of, infinity? Eh. I don't know. Anyway, I will be writing this diary in 3 parts, just because I don't want to bore you with reams and reams of text in one go. So, as you are probably already aware, I had been looking forward to this getaway for quite some time. It was definitely something different for us as we were going totally self-catering and actually renting a whole cottage, not just a room in a hotel.

At first I wasn't completely taken with the idea. For one, you have to pack everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! Like, things you would maybe take for granted if you were used to staying in hotels all the time.

Also a holiday for me means getting away from those horrible mundane house chores, yet there I was, washing the dishes and making the bed every day.

But getting past both those things, I actually loved the freedom it gave us. You can be as noisy as you like (within reason, of course) and you have all the space you could ever need! We booked through Cumbrian Cottages and had to pay half the full amount as a deposit, and then the rest just before we left which, spread the cost and made it that little bit easier.

Anywho, last Saturday we packed up everything we owned (ok, that's a slight exaggeration - but it bloomin' well felt like it) and made the relatively short drive to the Lake District. Luckily living in Liverpool DOES have it's advantages.  

Our cottage had quite a late check in of 3pm, which actually suited us fine, or should I say suited the car fine. Why is it that on these days in particular things decide they don't want to work anymore? Anyway, that story is clearly for another day.

After the car debacle, we got there relatively late and didn't really give making dinner reservations a second thought. Travel Tip: Always book in advance when dining in the Lake District at the weekend. So failing to hunt down a restaurant that could fit us in, it really wasn't all bad, we opened a bottle of red and watched some nonsense film on TV. A kind of perfect, and relaxing, way to start the week.

The cottage itself, aptly named Letterbox Cottage because it had a postbox imbedded in one of its outer walls was lovely. Based in Far Sawrey it had 2 bedrooms, 1 double and 1 with a bunk bed in, a spacious living room, and a lower level kitchen WITH under floor heating. House goals right there.

Sunday was all about getting our bearings. In the morning I stayed in whilst James went cycling, unpacked, and set myself up on wifi to do a bit of blogging. Yep, thats right, no free wifi. A bloggers nightmare if you ask me. I could have afforded return flights to Amsterdam for the amount I paid just to access the internet.

In the afternoon we did a proper food shop at Booths in Windermere and had a look around some of the neighbouring villages. We also visited Bridge House, the Smallest house in Ambleside. It was incredibly cute.

It was then back home for some food. We actually made reservations this time and had dinner in The Cuckoo's Brow Inn, which happened to be our local and only up the road from our cottage. The atmosphere was very relaxed and I absolutely relished my first glass of prosecco. The food was lovely but nothing to really shout about. We had the Cuckoo Nacho's to start and then I had the Vegetable burger from the Specials menu.

It was then back to the cottage to relax, run a Lush bath and prepare for the next day.