The Weekly Edit #6

This week has been a bit of a slow one. It's always the way before you go on holiday, isn't it? Starting next week, I was actually thinking of starting to vlog this particular feature. I am not sure a video of my weekly shenanigans would be that interesting though. Watch this space.

Here is what I have been loving/doing this week;

01.  I went on a bit of an Amazon American Sweet spree on Friday. I haven't actually eaten anything yet, and I think I may save them for my holiday if I can resist the lure of the Red Velvet Oreo..

02. I have changed a couple of  minor things around on Flourish & Blotting and I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Fern from Roses for a Sunday. I will be blogging about that very soon.

03. I feel like I am always wearing the same thing at the moment. My wardrobe is in dyer need of an update.. Maybe a few capsule pieces. I think an updated ASOS Wish List is in order.

04. I am really loving YouTube. It's weird, I never used to take much interest in it but recently I have been finding more and more people I love to watch. Of course I am thinking of vlogging myself in the near future and I can only hope to be as great as say, Brogan Tate or Steph Dreams

05. This week I have been reading the new Blogosphere magazine. I absolutely love it for ideas and inspiration. I am hoping that I will be able to do a bit more reading whilst I am away. I said to myself I would read 30 books this year after achieving 26 last year, but I haven't so much as cracked a spine yet!

06.  I have been listening to not a lot really. In the car I usually switch between Radio 1 and 2 and that's about it! I have been meaning to sort out my music for a long time. It's on my to do list.

07. I am absolutely obsessed with watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Like, where have I been?! It just cracks me up. If you liked Miranda, think of this as like an American version.

08. I really want to buy some more things for the house. WARNING: Adultness ensuing -  I never knew furnishing and decorating a house was so expensive. Specifically, I have been pricing up a ladder bookshelf for the kitchen. I really need somewhere to put my baking/cook books and I think this would be perfect.

09. I am planning my week very carefully. I have a million things I need to do, including a very important trip to Lush to stock up on holiday pamper items.

10. I've been feeling excited this week because I have literally been on holiday countdown since Monday. Even though we are only going like, 100 miles up the road, it will just be nice for that break.

Well, that's it for another Edit. How was your week?