Blog Tips: My Top 5 Blogger Tools

Not long ago I wrote a feature on starting a blog and I intended it to be part of a small series of posts on starting/maintaining a blog.  Whats on my iPhone 6s is another very handy post I wrote, and kind of ties in with this one.

Obviously I am not suggesting you need to go out and buy all these things, it is just what I use to help  to run things around here.
Light Box
This is quite a recent purchase of mine as I was struggling to take pictures when the natural light was at its best. I didn't spend a fortune on my light box (so it's not that great) but I think it makes editing, and brightening my pictures a lot easier. Plus, I can imagine it will be put to much better use in the winter months. I wouldn't say this was a blogging necessity as such, but if you are struggling to get bright, crisp images, it might be worth investing in.

This is a godsend of an app if you work full time like I do. I usually just schedule my Twitter posts the night before. Unfortunately, I am never organised enough to schedule them for the whole week. Maybe some day!

Backing Paper
Praise sticky back plastic and off cuts of wallpaper! You can get these things pretty much anywhere. The more creative you are, the better. I found Amazon was the perfect place to start. I have even been known to use wrapping paper in the past. Anything goes on Flourish & Blotting!

This can be anything from a stack of books, to flowers, to even a Baymax night light. Anything you have lying around the house really. Ikea and Home Bargains are reasonably priced gold mines for Instagram props. Pinterest is also the perfect place for inspiration.


I think a decent-ish camera is quite an important blogger tool. I really admire bloggers who use their phones to take their pictures, but when it comes to larger resolution pictures, a camera phone really doesn't hold up. I don't know what I would do without my Canon 1200D. I have been looking into buying something a bit smaller, and vlogger friendly but I haven't settled on one yet. Has anyone got any recommendations?

What blogging necessities does everyone else have?