8 May 2016

Insta - Lately no. 4

So, I'm a bit late getting this post out. What can I say? The weekends just aren't long enough. Fact. Yesterday I was decorating and doing the garden, which actually equated to covering myself with paint and squealing every time I saw a worm. Believe me, I would have rather been working on Flourish & Blotting, but I sometimes have to do 'adult' stuff too.

Anyway, better late than never.

..First Line..

So, this might be the start of a very big MAC lipstick hoarding problem..

I was so happy that it was Friday, and the weekend would soon be upon me, so I whipped this image together and stuck it up on Instagram.

My April lipstick pick is now live on Flourish & Blotting. If you love red lipstick you should go check it out.

..2nd Line..

This picture of Happy was my Throwback Thursday. I am really missing Disney at the minute, I think it is because I am putting together my Disney Lust List for the blog (Out next week) and it is just making me all nostalgic. I am definitely looking for a partner in crime to come with me to Disneyland Paris. However, James has just agreed to a Florida fly drive holiday next year, so I might book some sneaky tickets to the Magic Kingdom as well.

This was me working on the afore mentioned Disney post. I am loving it so far.

My current face of the day.

..3rd Line..

This is me wearing my new coat, yup, I decided to keep it. This montage was shot by James. Word of advice: Don't ask your boyfriend to take outfit photos of you if he is just going to laugh the whole time.

These are my April favourites. You can read about them all here.

The perfect motivational quote for a Monday. Coffee = Life.

..4th Line..

My new Primark pjs. Isn't this shirt just the cutest? And perfect for summer as it is so light and airy. 

You would laugh at the struggle I had taking just one decent picture of a lamb on our most recent trip to the Lake District. This was the best I could do.

I am baking from this cookbook again this weekend. I am trying my hand at an orange cake. Wish me luck!

..Last Line..

This was me, finally getting down to work at 9pm last night..

My new absolute favourite eyeliner by Soap & Glory. Why has no one ever told me about this? Why have I been struggling all these years? Suffice to say, it's brilliant.

My MAC giveaway has now ended, and the winner will be chosen at random in a couple of days. But watch out for my next giveaway in a couple of weeks. It's a doozy.

Obviously go check out my Instagram account for the full weekly roundup, and I will see you next week!

Love, Jo.



  1. your insta looks lovely hun! x


    1. Thank you so much Sweet! I was having a bit of a wobble over my Instagram today actually.. You know how sometimes you just completely over analyse your feed? Argh! x

  2. This is a really cute post idea and I hope the orange cake went well! x


    1. Thank you! And it didn't turn out well at all. Well, the cake itself was absolutely delicious, but I used a new cake tin, and the loose bottom leaked! x

  3. I love your face if the day pic and i love love love this type of post. But how on earth didcyou get al the pics formatted in neat columns. May i politely ask if i could do my own version of this of course i will credit you for coining the idea xx


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