15 May 2016

Insta - Lately No. 5

I am thinking I really need to be more organised with my blog posts. Apologies again that this should have been up yesterday. I think I need like, a week off, just to catch up on 'blogmin'. Hmm, maybe that's what I will do. Anyway, better late than never they always say! So, onto my week in pictures.

..First Line..

This is probably my new favourite mascara from MAC. It is only a sample, but so far I am absolutely loving it.

You know, because it's all about that base, bout that base. Sorry! I couldn't resist. This combo is what I have been currently wearing on my face, and it is the perfect duo. Seriously. It is Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation in Desert Beige and Too Faced Hangover Primer. You can also read my review on this primer here.

This pretty snap is of my new orchid. I am trying to perfect my interior photography because I really want to start doing posts on that sort of thing. Decorating on a budget etc. etc.

..2nd Line..

My main cutie (don't tell James) I was so busy last week it felt like I hadn't really seen him! I think I have made up for it this weekend though.

My new lip scrub from Lush. I had the Kiss version up until just recently and it desperately needed replacing. I love this one.

My face of the day for Thursday.

..3rd Line..

This was a snap of my Minnie ears I bought in Florida last year. If you haven't already seen my new Disney Lust List post, you can read all about it here.

My typical holiday body motto. Only 33 days to go!

My new spring mani. I absolutely love Pink Daisy from SensatioNail. It is a gorgeous shade of pink without being too bright, or babyish.

..Last Line..

As you may have noticed in my Weekly Edit's I have been struggling to read anything. Recently I just can't seem to power down my brain enough to concentrate on a book. So, I bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - The Illustrated Edition to see if that would help. The pictures are absolutely incredible! I can see the start of a new collection coming on.

This is my new Spring cologne by Jo Malone. It is so sharp and refreshing, perfect for the transition into Summer.. That's if we have one in the UK. Watch out for my Spring scent favourites on Flourish & Blotting soon.

And finally, my new coat from Superdry. I am so in love with yellow coats at the moment it's not even funny, and this one is perfect for the weather we have been having too. It is not too thick but offers an amazing amount of protection against all the elements.

Obviously go check out my Instagram account for the full weekly roundup, and I will see you next week!

Love, Jo.



  1. Love your pictures! Sophie x



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