21 May 2016

Insta - Lately No. 6

Welcome to Insta - Lately no. 6. I was just saying to James how fast I thought May had gone, it has literally flown by. Scary eh? This week has been a bit of a nothing week really.  However! I am off into town today to get my passport renewed, and to possible do a little bit of shopping? I think I deserve a treat, or two. I did actually hear something about a Nyx counter opening in Liverpool..

..First Line..

This is the theBalm Balm Voyage vol. 2 palette I received in my Cohorted Beauty box this month, and I love it. The colours are so beautiful, and have the most amazing staying powers. My ultimate favourite is the bronzer and highlighter duo. It comes with nine eye shadows, two blushes (including the afore mentioned bronzer and highlighter) and two lipsticks. Swoon. 

If you haven't seen my new post on my top 5 blogging tools, you can read all about it here. I love writing these posts. As a relatively new blogger myself, I quite like being able to document my blogger 'journey' I guess, and possibly help other new bloggers along the way.

After a busy week in work I just had to curl up in bed with a couple of books and a cup of tea on Thursday. Thursday is usually the day when I really start wishing it was the weekend already.

..2nd Line..

Another face of the day featuring my new palette from theBalm. I absolutely love how versatile it is. The palette also includes a few recommended makeup looks which is ideal for when I am feeling extra lazy in the morning.

This is the perfect quote for me, especially when it's the end of the month and payday on Monday.

I broke out my Michael Kors again. This is by far my favourite bag, it goes with everything, and it's the perfect size for everyday items.  The little 'J' keyring is also Michael Kors. I managed to pick this up in the Selfridges Christmas sale last year for £10!

..3rd Line..

This is my new Disney Stitch phone case. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time, but I didn't want to go with the obvious princess ones. Stitch is probably one of my favourite Disney characters of all time.

I love this snap from our Lake District holiday. It is just the epitome of tranquility and calm. You can read all about the third and final instalment here.

This collective pic is the weekly round up on Flourish & Blotting. I tend to post this every Monday so people can catch up from the previous week. However, you can keep up to date with everything using Bloglovin'.

..Last Line..

I love Cohorted Beauty box delivery days. Although, I was really disappointed with the colour of my Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick, which came in quite an insipid orange shade. And unfortunately, the HJ Manicure Nail Polish wasn't quite my colour either. Ce la vie.

Sunday breakfasts are the best. Full stop.

Wreck-It Ralph is probably one of my favourite Disney films, I really don't think it was given the hype it deserved. It is just so funny and clever. If you have never seen it, I suggest definitely giving it a watch this weekend. It was on Netflix for a short while but has disappeared since, hence why I bought the DVD.

Obviously go check out my Instagram account for the full weekly roundup, and I will see you next week!

Love, Jo.



  1. Your new phone case is adorable!

    Parie x

    1. Thank you! I still keep looking at it and going 'awr' x


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