28 May 2016

Insta - Lately No. 7

Welcome to Insta - Lately no. 7! Gosh! These weeks are just flying by. Looking back on my previous week in pictures, my pre-holiday diet is going really well, right? Anywho, on to the snaps..

..First Line..

There is nothing better than a Bank Holiday breakfast/brunch. This was scrambled egg, focaccia and avocado, the bloggers staple.

This is a picture of my Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette. It's so photogenic, but the staying power and the pigmentation isn't that great. 

A quick snap of my bedside table. There is a new post up detailing a few bits around my bedroom. Take a look.

..2nd Line..

My new SensatioNail nail polish in White Lily. It's the perfect summer shade. I am planning on wearing this colour on my holiday in June.

I made these little cakes and one big one for a colleagues birthday last week, and they went down a treat. The recipe is up now.

A picture of my bed, a place I don't think I spend enough time in during the week! As I said above, my first interiors post went live the other day, and I am pretty proud of it. Watch out for more!

..3rd Line..

Oh my. Another food picture. I think it is fair to say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. How about you?

Holiday planning in full swing. I have to do an itinerary for London next weekend, and plan our Italy activities for the middle of June. I am now super excited because I Googled it, and Pisa has a Sephora. Day. Made.

..Last Line..

Another new bake of mine from last week. We had my boyfriend's Dad and wife over for dinner last minute, and I love offering a home made dessert. So, if you come to mine, that's what you should expect! This was a no bake Biscoff Cheesecake and it was absolutely delicious.

Behind the scenes taking blog photos. Not so glamorous anymore, is it?!

And finally my new MAC lipstick. I think this will be my May lipstick pick as it's so perfect for summer. I will more than likely be writing that up sometime next week.

Obviously go check out my Instagram account for the full weekly roundup, and I will see you next week!

Love, Jo.



  1. You insta feed is to die for! Too gorgeous. The cakes look delicious too.
    samantha xx

    1. Aw! Thank you so much Lovely! The cake was a bit too delicious! I have given up on the idea of a pre holiday diet now! X


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