11 May 2016

Wishlist: All Things Disney

As you may, or may not know, I am probably your biggest closet Disney fan going. I say closet because, you know, when you reach 30, have a house, and a non-Disney boyfriend it's kind of unacceptable to sleep with a cuddly Pluto anymore.. Or at least harder to hide.

I think my love of Disney stems from the fact that when I was younger my family would visit Walt Disney World religiously every year up until I was about 13, and even now I can't believe how lucky I was. Exhibit A.

I visited Disney World again last year and I think it ignited that fire again. Exhibit B. So, here are a few things to add to my ever increasing Lust List.

This bag is the epitome of discreet Disney and I love it. It has quite a hefty price tag at £119.95, but it's made from real leather which you will always tend to pay a bit more for.

How adorable is this makeup bag? I am not sure I could bring myself to even use it. Chip and Dale are by far my favourite Disney characters and they have been since I was a wee one.

This jumper is so pretty and versatile. I can imagine it going with everything. Unfortunately, some of the bigger sizes have been sold out for quite some time. I keep checking back, just incase.

As a bit of an amateur baker, this mould is so perfectly understated Disney and not too complicated to use.

I love the whole range of Azul crockery.  I always thought when I was younger that my kitchen would compromise of ONLY Disney. Obviously living with someone who isn't quite so much into Disney than I am means I will just have to sneak in the understated pieces.

There is an obvious theme with all my Lust List picks; nothing is overtly Disney-esque and this oven glove and pot holder is the epitome of undercover Disney. There is also a gorgeous apron in the same range.

How gorgeous is this Minnie Mouse bed set? I don't think I actually even want this because it wouldn't go with what's in my bedroom at the moment, I guess I just like to look at it.

I have wanted this suitcase for a while now, and I am definitely long overdue for a new one. I think I would be too scared to use it though.

This tea light holder is so beautifully simple. I think the white was my favourite, it is just so classic.

This tea set has been on my Lust List for quite a while now. I have just been waiting for the right moment to buy it. My birthday is coming up.. perfect excuse?

Ok, don't judge me but ever since I worked for the Disney Store whilst at University, I wanted this adorable pair when I got married. They are so outlandishly Disney I know I will never be allowed them.

That's all for now, and see you real soon!
Love, Jo.



  1. Wow just wow your love of Disney is the real deal lol there is only one other person I know who loves disney that much and she actually worked for tgem in florida for a year!
    £199.95 for the bag * has mini fainting fit* lol. But seriously it's cool to have a passion for something espec'if it puts you in a better state of mind.x

    1. How cool! I worked for the Disney Store when I was at university and loved it. The bag is expensive, but most leather bags are nowadays. It will just have to stay on my Lust List for now though! x

  2. I love it all!! The Tea Set is my favourite. That is something I would buy as a gift for my mum ;0) I do love the suitcase as well, I would get that for me! And I do love the Chip and Dale pencil case too. I would use it as a make up bag x

    1. That's what I was thinking for the Chip & Dale case. I think I will buy the tea set eventually. It is just working up that courage to spend that sort of money! x

  3. Oh my god, these things are so cute! I like the Chip & Dale case and the tea set, they are so adorable! xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now


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