16 Jun 2016

Wishlist: Duty Free

Passport holder from Kikki.K

I love duty free, but I am always surprisingly reserved when it comes to actually buying anything. I don't know why, but my inner monologue is always like; 'well, what if you see something you want over there more?' and I never actually do! So here are a couple of bits I think I will be picking up this trip.

Elie Saab L'Eau Couture Perfume

I have been wanting this scent for about 6 months now, and I think it is time I splashed the cash and bought it.  I remembering it being so fresh, luxe, and just a general amazing holiday scent.

Pandora Passport Charm

It was either this one, or the airplane, but I wanted to mix it up and have a dangly charm for a change. I have decided I want to be a bit more committed to my Pandora bracelet. I had the bangle before but I wasn't that keen on it due to the limited number of charms that would fit on it.

I think I want my bracelet to be of a travel theme. I just regret not picking one up in Paris, Amsterdam and Florida!

Benefit Lip Balm in Posie Balm

I have owned the Benebalm and Cha Cha Balm and loved them. I actually used them up until they were empty, so I am definitely due a new one. If I can get them all in a set, even better. They are kind of perfect for holidays, so moisturising with that pop of colour.

And that's it. I might pick up a beauty palette or two, depending on what I see. What is on everyone else's duty free lust list?

Love, Jo.


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