1 Jun 2016

Wishlist: Hair Care For Spring/Summer

So, this week I have a very important appointment. I am getting my hair done, and no I am not being dramatic, I am talking big changes.. or maybe not, I still haven't quite decided. I think I definitely want to go shorter as drying this mane of mine in the morning takes longer than it really should, and don't even get me started on styling it.

Anywho, this appointment has kind of prompted me to put together a hair lust list, and as it's my birthday coming up, I might treat myself to one, or two of the things.. We will see.

This is top of my list of things to buy, and is actually top of my list on here. Funny, eh? Ok, not really, but I really do need a new hairdryer, and I have heard really good things about this one. It was either this, or the new Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer , but that is a bit out of my budget.

I have been using ghd hair straighteners for years and I think this will make a nice addition to my collection.

Oh T3! Why do you have to be so expensive? I really need some new curling tongs, but I am at a loss for a cheaper alternative. Anyone fancy helping a sister out with some suggestions?

I love this shampoo, but it really is a treat if I splash out on it. It makes my hair smell and feel so good. I might buy some miniature bottles to take away with me on holiday. That's a pretty good compromise I think.

I have heard some really great things about this shampoo set and I am really eager to try it. Unfortunately every time I go into Boots or somewhere to buy it, it's never on offer! 

What is on everyone else's hair lust list?

P.S. Don't forget to check back for my blog post on my experience at Sasoon Salons.

Love, Jo.


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