The London Diaries - Day Two

So, in my previous London diaries I left it at coming home from an evening at the theatre and planning my shopping trip for the next day. Priorities, right? Anyway, after an amazing night sleep and a cooked/continental breakfast (I had both, obviously!) I was ready to begin. I will just warn you now, this post is like, a mini haul all in one.

Our first stop was actually not a shop but for a caffeine pick me up at Peyton & Byrne. I think I was a little bit too keen, and we got to central London before anything had properly opened!

After a bit of people watching we made our way to Kikki.K in Covent Garden where I picked up this gorgeous passport holder. The stationery in there is amazing. I could have bought it all, but there was an awful lot of restraint involved.

Pure Clean Wipes (£5.90) - Creamy Colour Lip Liner 304 (£5.90) -  Water Eyeshadow 228 (£8.90) - Foundation Sponges (£2.90) - Smart Eye Pencil 802 (£2.50)

Across from Kikki.K there was Kiko. I have been dying to go into one of these stores for like, forever. I even put together a huge online shopping order a few months ago but decided against it because I love to swatch before I buy. Everything in Kiko is just so gorgeous, sleek, and most importantly; affordable. I ended up walking away with an eye pencil, a lip pencil, an eyeshadow, a duo of makeup sponges and some makeup wipes.

I then went into a couple of other stores such as; Havaianas, Skinny Dip and of course #INTHEFROWxBHF, where James picked up a couple of designer ties for like, a fraction of the price.

I absolutely love the variety London offers. As we were walking to Foyles (where I picked up this) we happened across a shop selling glasses (spectacles) and I found exactly the pair that I have been looking for. Unfortunately, I didn't have my prescription with me, but that was their selling point. They took my measurements, and I was then given the option to email my prescription to them! They would then be shipped out to me when they were ready, and all for £98! How amazing is that? I will probably let you know how I get on with them in a future post.

Neko Cat Mug (£12)  - Illume Boulangerie Jar in Vanilla & Fig (£14) - Ivory Epoch Pot (£6)

I then proceeded to spend a small fortune in Anthropologie. I have never been to one of their stores before, but I could have happily lived there. It was absolutely beautiful, and a definite must see when you are in London. I then spent a good hour in J-Crew as James replenished his work wardrobe.. I guess it was his birthday trip too!

My holiday drink of choice; Aperol Spritz

 Starter of olives and crab & falafel sweet chilli donuts

After we had been to all the stores on my list I was starving so we decided to have dinner at Bill's. For starters we had olives and crab & falafel sweet chilli donuts. Then for the main I had the halloumi & hummus burger, and James had the chargrilled paprika & lemon chicken. The food was absolutely delicious but the slow service really let it down, so much so I felt a bit reluctant to pay the 12.5% tip that was automatically added to the bill, hence why we didn't stay for a dessert.

But that isn't to say I didn't have one. Far from it! For dessert we went to an ice-cream bar called Snowflake. My word! That was good ice-cream. I had the medium cup of salted caramel and pistachio.

I also hit up Ben's Cookies and Hummingbird Bakery just before we left for all my sweet treat needs. Well, they don't have either up North! If you are visiting London, I definitely suggest visiting both. Hummingbird Bakery has the nicest cakes, cupcakes, and whoopie pies you will ever taste. And Ben's Cookies has been a favourite of mine for years. Another favourite place of mine is the Nordic Bakery. You will not find better cinnamon buns or coffee in the whole of the city.

Stay tuned for my Italy Diaries coming to you probably towards the end of June.