The Weekly Edition #15

Sporting my new hair cut from Sassoon 

What a week last week was. I celebrated my 31st (eek!) birthday, then James got ill and then I got ill a couple of days later. Can you believe it? Blooming Norovirus! So, I think it is fair to say that this week hasn't really gone as planned. I only just made it to town to do some last minute holiday shopping for next week. Nightmare!

So, here is what I have been loving/doing last week;

01.  I have eaten hardly anything at all recently. Shocker, huh? We had homemade fajitas on my birthday and I am pretty sure that was the last proper meal I had before the sickness started. Least I am on my way to the perfect bikini body now..

02.  I am trying desperately to write a few blog posts for Flourish & Blotting  whilst I am away, but it looks like I will be taking all my kit with me though. If you haven't checked out my Blogging On Location post, you really must. Basically it's all my travel blogging equipment in a nutshell.

03. I have been wearing my pjs a lot this week, and I actually think I need some new ones. Possible pyjama haul when I get back from holiday? Has anyone got any suggestions?

04. I am really loving Primark at the minute. Some of their summer stuff is so nice and affordable. I have picked up a couple of bits for my holiday, like these shorts. I am thinking of putting together a holiday look book while I'm away, what do you think?

05. This week I have been reading Elle magazine. I am not really one for magazines, but just like every other beauty blogger I couldn't wait to get my mits on the Benefit's Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I think it is a little bit dark for me but I am excited to try it out all the same.

06.  I have been listening to the same really. I have been guiltily liking everything by Nick Jonas recently.. Please tell me I am not the only one!?

07. I have been watching all the Harry Potter's again. You know when you are poorly and you just want something comforting to watch? Harry Potter is definitely my go to series. My favourite is the Prisoner of Azkaban. What can I say? I love the Knightbus! After that they start getting a little bit too dark.

08. I really want some bits from duty free before we fly. I always have a look but end up talking myself out of it. Not this time though! I think this last week has made some in - airport purchases completely justifiable. Keep your eyes peeled for my next lust list.

09. I am planning my holiday to do list and being ill really wasn't on the agenda. I still need to get travel insurance, prep my nails, organise my holiday reads, and buy all the travel minis I can possibly fit in my makeup bag.

10. I've been feeling really poorly. If you follow me on Twitter you will have already seen that James was ill earlier on in the week, then I must have caught it too! (Despite washing my hands like, a million times, and completely drying them out so much so no moisturiser can help me now) Anyway,  I haven't been able to eat or keep down very much, but on the bright side; I did want to lose a couple of pounds before I went away!

Well, that's it for another Edit. How was your week?