10 Jul 2016

Insta - Lately #10

It has been too long since I wrote an Insta - Lately post. I really missed them! I don't know about you but an Instagram caption just isn't enough? Fingers crossed I will be able to reinstate this as a regular feature. I think with going to Italy it just really through my schedule off kilter, if you know what I mean.

..First Line..
I think my favourite thing about the weekend is the breakfasts/brunch. My boyfriend is a pretty good cook, so I am completely spoilt when it comes to food.

Modelling my tan, new Primark pjs and a good book. I recently went on a little Primark pyjama splurge and picked up some really cute ones, including this oversized shirt.

Loving my new lip products from Saturated Colour Cosmetics. You can read my full review of the Multitasker Lip & Eye Pencil here.

..2nd Line..
My new bae. I needed something small to carry my cards and a few coins in, and obviously I chose something ridiculously expensive. I love it though and I have decided this is my last treat for quite a while.

My favourite Disney mug. EVER. I recently wrote a post on all my Disney lust haves. It is definitely worth a peek!

I bought a small travel sized pot of Glamglow YouthMud (€20 ish for a pot the size of my thumb!) in Sephora, Pisa. I am halfway through writing my haul now, but I absolutely loved using this. My skin really stung - it says to expect a 'tingling' feeling! - to start with but I think the overall effect was totally worth the pain and the financial expense..

..3rd Line..
This is my boy in his usual pose. He is the worst animal to take pictures of. He won't ever look at the camera unless he is sleeping. I did make him an Instagram account which lasted for all of week. I am determined to post more regularly in it though.

Biscoff Cheesecake. Oh my! If you want an indulgent treat that is pretty easy to make then take a look here.

These are all my June favourites. June was such a hard month to pick favourites for. I had such an amazing time and discovered so many great things. I decided the majority of them I will probably just roll over to my July favourites as it is a much quieter month for me.

..Last Line..
Another Sephora purchase. I promise this post will be up sometime next week. This is their own brand eyeshadow palette and I really like it so far.

A new beauty buy for me. It was a little on the expensive side for what it actually is (a plastic tray!), but it works like a dream. I had clean makeup brushes in no time, AND with minimal effort.

I got sent these Elizabeth Arden products to try and I think it is fair to say that I love them. The only downside is that they are so expensive! If I was feeling flush I would totally repurchase them, but alas, that hardly ever happens. For now I am just being extra careful when, and how I use them. I might write a quick review of them on Flourish & Blotting.

Obviously go check out my Instagram account for the full weekly roundup, and I will see you next week!

Love, Jo.


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