8 Jul 2016

My Current Favourite Instagrammers

So, I just wanted to do a quick update on some of my current favourite Instagrammers. I definitely think Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms. Sometimes on Twitter I find it really hard to come up with anything witty, or even slightly interesting to say, but I seem to always be able to take a picture that is just 'me', you know?

Judy was one of the first bloggers I ever followed on Instagram and made me actually want to get into blogging myself. Her interior pictures are just -insert a-ok hand emoji here- and her cat looks a little bit like Knox, so it's like, immediate love.

I love this gal's style. I think it is pretty clear by my one attempt at taking an
outfit shot that I am pretty hopeless. Mandine makes it look completely effortless, and all her looks aren't overly expensive and completely achievable.

I have definitely mentioned Claire before for her enviable Disney focused feed. I just love how she incorporates it into every day life. Plus her 'Disneymoon' looked a-mazing. I only wish I could convince James to book such a thing..

Rebecca has such enviable makeup flat lays. She is especially talented when it comes to photographing flowers. I absolutely adore the pictures she takes which incorporates petals. Absolutely gorgeous! P.S I want all her makeup. Plz. Thx.

Katy's Instagram is just so colourful, I love it.  If you love Harry Potter and delicious looking food flat lays, then Katy is so your girl.

Hayley has the sweetest feed. Every time she posts a picture of her newest Lush bath it just makes me want to run to my nearest store, buy everything, and have one too.

Katie's account is my newest obsession - can I call it that without sounding weird and stalkery? Anywho, yes. I love her feed, it's mostly beauty, but I love her personal touches every now and again.

And finally, I rely on Toni to keep me updated on all the things Italy and Florence. Need I say more? I don't think it's a secret that I love Italy since I go back there nearly every year. If I could live there, I totally would!

If you have an Instagram account, please link it below. I love checking out new accounts!



  1. I love instagram so much! xx


    1. Me too! I think it is fair to say I am a 'little' bit addicted! x


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