3 Jul 2016

My June Favourites

I have had THE most amazing June. London, Italy, and my birthday, not even a relatively small bout of norovirus could ruin this month for me. I am even thinking of things for my July favourites already. I have loved a lot of things in the past few weeks!

Anyway, onto my June favourites.

Baily Nelson Spectacles
I first mentioned these in my London Diaries and I absolutely love them, hence why they are being featured in my June favourites. The design that I picked is called Homer in matte mahogany. They are a bit more unusual (in a good way) than what you might see in regular opticians as they are quite vintage looking. Literally, they go with everything though. They are amazing quality, and what a service! I am really tempted to order a similar 2nd pair, just so I have a back up.

Eli Saab L'Eau Couture Perfum
This will always remind me of the amazing time we had in Italy, it is the perfect summer scent. You can read all about my favourite perfume here.

NYX Lip Pencil
The shade that I am loving this June is called Ever (828). In my opinion, it is the perfect nudey pink. It has really good staying power as long as you adhere to proper lip up keeping, and the shade just seems to work for any occasion evening, work etc. I have already had to sharpen it once as I have been completely obsessed with it.

Italian Dove Grey Leather Handbag
I love this little bag. Structured bags are my absolute favourite and this colour pretty much goes with every outfit. It is also perfect for summer as it is lighter than the majority of my other bags. I bought this in a little shop in Montechino, Italy for €30 (bargain, right?) but I have seen similar ones in Whistles? Or if you are feeling really spendy, Mulberry.

Every bloggers favourite flower. I have yet to have a bunch that have fully bloomed though. They are so difficult! I don't really know where I am going wrong as in previous years I have had no problem with them! I will gladly take any advice on board if you have any hints or tips!

What has everyone else been loving this month?

Love, Jo.

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