Review: Saturated Colour Cosmetics Multitasker Lip/Eye Pencil

I have really been paying attention to my lips recently, like trying all sorts of new things; colours, textures etc. As well as lipliners as viable alternatives to lipsticks.

For one lipliners take up less space in your makeup bag, which is ideal at the minute since my new handbag is so small! And two, they last so much longer, even with the application being a bit more tricky. Gone is the ideal image of just slicking on your lipstick and off you go. There is nothing particularly elegant about applying a lip pencil, and it certainly is not really doable in a moving car on the way to work at 7am...

Recently I have been trialling the new *Multitasker Lip/Eye Pencil by Saturated Colour in Caressing Red and First Date and I love them both. The Caressing Red especially. (See featured post image) It is quite a cool red, I think it's called a blue red? Or a red blue.. And I call myself a beauty blogger! I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's  not too pink! It's really classic as well so it can be worn day or night.

First Date is quite bright but absolutely perfect for spring/summer. Both colours are so pigmented and really pop on the lips. I have been using solely these to reach my desired colour but they are so easily matched to any lipstick you might currently have in your stash.

Application is easy as it is quite a soft pencil so it just glides on, and you can really build up the colour depending on the look you are going for. I would say they are really on par with the likes of Nyx and Rimmel.

There is also an amazing range of colours to choose from at a completely affordable price of £3.50. The Multitasker can also be used on the eyes too. Being honest I didn't really try that with the colours that I had, I mean, scary much? But I can imagine they would be perfect for Halloween, or festival body and face art.

My top picks are Naked Pink, Caressing Red, Magnetic Melon and First Date to name just a few.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried anything else by Saturated Colour!