The Italy Diaries - Days 3 & 4

I left my last post after having an amazing first night at Dimora Santa Margherita, and our 2nd day there was pretty much the same as the first. I don't think I explained in my first post that Cinigiano is about 2 and a half hours away from Pisa, and about an hour away from the nearest town. Perfect for relaxing, but not much else!

Anyway, James went on an early morning bike ride, so I got on with a bit of blogging. I set up office on our 'balcony', if you could even call it that, and I wrote My Perfect Summer Scents and My Holiday Reading List sat in the gorgeous sunshine with the perfect view. Something I could have gotten very used to!
All that blogging definitely gave me a bit of an appetite. Luckily by the time James got back it was time for breakfast. As always on holiday I piled my plate with sweet treats like croissants, cake, and mini blueberry muffins. There was also an option for a cooked breakfast.

It was then time for a relax by the pool and a swim. Well, I had to work off that breakfast somehow! Unfortunately it was due to rain all afternoon and it wasn't soon after that the heavens literally opened. Obviously there was no other option but to spend the afternoon in bed; reading and snoozing. It was a holiday after all!

In the evening it had finally stopped raining and we had a lovely vegetarian meal of pasta, followed by a vegetable tart, which was finished off with a homemade chocolate tart.

The next day it was due to drizzle again, I know, right?! Nightmare! Luckily Apple Weather said it would be nice the rest of the week. Praise Apple for being the bearer of great news! If not sometimes a little bit unreliable.. Anyway, we decided to have a day out visiting nearby towns, and what I mean by near by was at least an hour away.
 (Obligatory crazy cat lady picture)
Our first stop was Montalcino. We had delicious stone fired pizza and drank Brunell red wine at a little restaurant called Les Barriques. The perfect combination if you ask me. I then went on to buy my favourite thing from the holiday (Yes! That does include my Sephora haul) my little grey bag from Si! Si. Pelle. It was such a bargain and so nicely made too.
It was then back in the car to visit Montepulciano, a very popular region when it comes to wine. This is where things get a little bit wet, so after purchasing our obligatory holiday magnet we found sanctuary in the cutest little coffee shop called Antico Caffe Poliziano. The cakes looked delicious, but after getting soaked all that was needed was something that would warm us up.
It took us nearly 2 hours to get home, luckily no dirt tracks were involved this time (inside joke), but it was quite a trek. The weather really perked up on the way back though, so when we got back to Dimora Santa Margharita, the heat of the sun was actually causing steam to rise off the flagstones!

We then had a lovely dinner of cheese pasta, carpaccio (Read below!), and then a kind of Madeira cake with ice-cream.

Every day a new menu would be written but it was all in Italian, and yes, we probably should have translated it, or at least by now learnt some Italian (Shameful, isn't it?!) but that morning we just didn't think. Anyone who knows me knows I am very finicky about meat, and usually when eating out I ALWAYS go for the vegetarian option. So when the carpaccio was put in front of me a visable sweat started to appear on my brow. I was brave enough to try it, and even like it for that matter! But I couldn't get my head round to eating a whole plate of it. Bless James for managing to eat nearly two plates of raw beef, and having the worst meat sweats ever!

Anyway, I really hope you are enjoying reading these, the final instalment should be up next week!