The Secret Life of a Blogger

If you aren't one already, have you ever wondered what it's like to be a blogger? Here are some trade secrets, and a behind the scenes look at what on earth goes on.

Food, glorious food!
Starving? Too bad! You can't eat a tasty morsel until it has been photographed at ever angle, and then uploaded onto every social media channel you have going. Obviously, this doesn't apply to every instance. On my most recent trip to Italy I barely took any foodie photos as everything just looked too tasty to resist.

Out and about
I think this is the hardest part for me as I hate looking like a wally, hence why stealth mode is often activated. I'm like a blogging ninja.. Ok, nothing quite as cool. I try and look like I'm texting if I am taking a picture, but sometimes that's just not possible when you are photographing a blossom tree (blogger favourite).

What is it you do again?
Get used to needing to explain yourself to pretty much everyone when it comes to what you do. Although, it is so refreshing when you speak to other bloggers and they completely understand where you are coming from. Luckily, things are evolving, and I think more and more people understand the concept of blogging, just not necessarily thoroughly.

My life = my phone
This is definitely one of the downsides of being a blogger as my phone is like, permanently attached to my hand. I really feel like I can't miss a moment and this is often a sore point between me and my boyfriend. He just doesn't get it, but I think the trick is remembering it is almost impossible to keep abreast of all the things going on, so putting down your phone for half an hour won't hurt.. Only half an hour though.

There are also apps like, IF and Hootsuite you can download for free which helps in maintaining your social media presence if you are ever worried. You can find my top picks here.

Really excited about buying that new lipstick? It is a shame you can't use it until it has been photographed to death. Then there is the fact that your arm gets the first application rather than your lips. Well, it needs to be swatched! One of these days I would just like to rip open a package and get stuck in, but as a blogger that's never going to happen. The trick is trying not to bankrupt yourself to compete with other bloggers. I think it is important to remember that not every product will be right for you!

Giving up a drawer
Or taking over one of your boyfriends.. It's getting serious now, right? And this is probably one of the hardest things when your blogger props start to build up and you need to sacrifice a drawer to fit them in!

I recently wrote about blogger props in a post I did about my my top 5 tips for blogging.

And that's pretty much my blogging life!