31 Aug 2016

My August Favourites

Welcome to another monthly favourites. I have had a relatively quiet August hence why my August favourites will probably reflect that!

29 Aug 2016

The Weekly Edition #26

Hello! And welcome to another Weekly Edition! We are really flying through the months now, aren't we? It is rather scary! I have to admit I can't wait for autumn, winter and especially Christmas though.


27 Aug 2016

A 30 Something Writes | An Introduction

Ok, so, I have been mulling this over for quite a while and I have been wanting to write something like this for so long. I am not even completely sure what direction this is going to go but as I grow older I want my blog to kind of reflect that and offer advice more specific to the 30 and over.

26 Aug 2016

Review: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Are you looking for the perfect scent that will take you from Summer to autumn? Then I think I have found the perfect one with Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue.

24 Aug 2016

For The Love Of Pandora

I have been wanting to write the post in forever, but there has just never been the right time. It was only last month I decided that I wanted to really put some time and money into my Pandora bracelet, and what better time than my birthday.

I have always loved Pandora’s jewellery. I was going to say especially the earrings, but my obsession spreads much further than that. I currently own 2 necklaces, a pendant, an abundance of rings, and more pairs of earrings than I can count. Ok, so it’s not that many, but there is a quite a few!

Before buying my rose gold clasp edition, I owned the bangle but I was never that keen on it. The sizing was wrong and I just didn’t like how the charms looked on it. So, with some leftover birthday money and no expectations, I went for a browse in Mococo, Liverpool and I found the perfect bracelet. I didn’t want it to be plain, but I also wanted it to be affordable, and the rose gold clasp does just that. I bought it there and then and as soon as I got home I put my London charm on it and I haven’t taken it off since!

At the minute my bracelet comprises of; The Union Jack Bus Charm which I actually bought last year on my 30th birthday trip to London. The passport charm which I mentioned in my Duty Free Lust List, and finally my favourite to date; my Mickey Swirls Charm from the Disney Parks.

I have now started to plan what charms I’m going to get next. I feel that this needs quite a lot of thought because I don’t want anything frivolous, or meaningless. So, here are some of my future charms. A lot of them I regret not picking up at the actual time of visiting that particular place, but I am 100% sure I will be going back in the future.

Eiffel Tower Charm from our trip to Paris back in 2014 and many times previous whether that be a school trip or my celebratory trip with my dad to Disneyland Paris for passing my GCSE’s. I have always had a wonderful time in that city.

Bike Charm for Amsterdam (Unavailable). I actually bought the Pave Heart Stud Earrings in De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, but looking back I wish I had picked up the cute little bike charm. It just represents our time there perfectly. We are actually looking into going back sometime soon because we had such an amazing time.

Ice-cream Charm for Italy. This one seems like a given. I am completely in love with Italy. Obviously.

Statue of Liberty Charm for New York, and my spirit city for sure. I would love, love, LOVE to go back to New York at some point. I think it was the most exhausting but exhilarating holiday I have ever been on.

And finally the Sentimental Snapshots Charm just because!

Surely I am not alone in my Pandora obsesession, what items do you own?

Love, Jo.


22 Aug 2016

The Weekly Edition #25

Welcome to another Weekly Edition! Unfortunately for you, and me, it has been a pretty standard week, but some of my blogging highlights have to be being nominated for Best New Blogger on the Block, featured on Franny Mac's Favourite Blog Posts in August with my Disney Minnie Beauty by Sephora Haul, and given a Friday Follow on Twitter by Charlotte - Insert a million heart emojis here -

18 Aug 2016

My Italy Photo Diary

I have one more Italy Diaries to write but I just wanted to break the posts up a bit with an impromptu photo diary post. I still desperately want to go back but it is not looking likely until next year now! Sometimes being a grown up and having a house that needs work done is really rubbish.  I don't think I need to warn you that this post might be a bit picture heavy. Enjoy!

15 Aug 2016

The Weekly Edition #24

I have decided to change up the format of my Weekly Edits. It was becoming a bit too much of a struggle to come up with new things each week because let's face it, my life really isn't that interesting. So, I am going to half it and just talk about my weekly goings on with no specified topic, because as much as I would like to read a book a week, that just wasn't happening!

10 Aug 2016

Review: Disney Minnie Beauty by Sephora

I am really excited to write this post because, well, how beautifully amazing is this collection? I am just sorry I couldn’t justify buying all of it! The minute I knew it was being released I knew I had to get my paws on it somehow. And that somehow meant asking a colleague and his long suffering girlfriend (I don’t know if she is long suffering, but if she is, I know why!) to go traipsing around all the Sephora’s in Las Vegas looking for it.

Suffice to say, it wasn’t available anywhere! Well, it is limited edition after all! So, I had to order it online despite the extortionate cost of shipping and handling.  I ordered 3 things; the eye shadow palette, lipstick and compact mirror. Each one is so gorgeously packaged, amazingly luxe and just perfect, but I don’t know if that is my inner Disney nerd shining through.

The other items in the collection are a set of lip stains,  a duo of eyeliners, face, and eye brushes. I didn’t pick them up because for one; the colours of the lip stains were a bit bright to what I usually wear and two, I have makeup brushes coming out of my eyes, I definitely couldn’t justify the cost of them.

Anyway on to the palette. The palette is so luxe and pigmented. The pans are small but trust me, you only need a little bit on the end of your brush to create the desired look. I used I'm All Ears and an angled brush to create a very smudgey feline flick, and it just held its colour so well. The choice of colours are phenomenal, and so versatile too. The shades range from; greens to pinks and the palette comes with a selection of shimmery and matte colours. My favourite has to be Starlet and Pick Me Up At 8.

The palette is made from a hard-ish shell and is slightly rounded so you can also decant the eye shadow tray and the mirror to make the cutest little clutch bag.

I picked the lipstick because, just look how pretty it is! You can never go wrong with the classic red lip, although I honestly think it is too pretty to use, hence why I haven’t swatched it. I know I should stop being a wimp and just use it, but I don’t think I can. Maybe I will for a special occasion. The design is so sleek and pretty, especially that Minnie head just on the tip. Sephora has really gotten it right when it comes to this collection. I love the subtle Minnie accents, like the little charm. I am a sucker for anything brushed gold too.

I bought the compact because girl can’t have enough mirrors right? Another terribly obsolete reason is that I just loved how Instagrammable it was. It comes in a handy little pouch to stop it getting scratched but it could also be used as a coin purse on a night out maybe? The mirror itself is double sided, so brilliant at catching every angle, and it is the perfect brushed gold with embossed pattern. It is so slim line it fits into any purse, or handbag snuggly, and again it isn’t without its subtle Disney design.

What do you all think? Worth the grief of having it shipped from America?!

Love, Jo.


8 Aug 2016

The Weekly Edit #23

This week has been a bit of a strange one, and something quite exciting has happened but I am going to insert the complete blogger cliche and say I can't tell you about it just yet and it mostly likely be a part of my new 30 something feature. Anyway, other than that it has just been your typical week.

7 Aug 2016

Growing Up Is Never fun

..Or easy for that matter. I honestly thought that by now I would be living in a mansion with a menagerie of animals. It's funny how life turns out, isn't it?

5 Aug 2016

My July Favourites

I have been so excited to write my July favourites purely because I had the best June ever! It was my birthday month so I treated myself quite a lot. Well, you’re only 31 once!

3 Aug 2016

My American Sephora Haul

There is nothing I love more than a good Sephora haul. I regret I didn't pick up more when I was in New York last year, luckily I had a very nice work colleague who picked up a couple of bits for me.

1 Aug 2016

The Weekly Edition #22

So, last week was kind of undescript? I don't know. I seem to yoyo from incredible busy, to the most boringest person in the whole entire world. I think the highlight of my week had to be the start of Celebrity Big Brother, and as you know from reading these Weekly Edits I am not a massive TV fan but I love CBB..
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