18 Aug 2016

My Italy Photo Diary

I have one more Italy Diaries to write but I just wanted to break the posts up a bit with an impromptu photo diary post. I still desperately want to go back but it is not looking likely until next year now! Sometimes being a grown up and having a house that needs work done is really rubbish.  I don't think I need to warn you that this post might be a bit picture heavy. Enjoy!

The 2nd, and only relatively decent picture of me from the whole holiday
The view from our room
Making friends with the villa cat
Absolutely dreamy infinity pool views
A bell tower in Montalcino
Views from Montalcino
Montalcino side streets
Montalcino town square
Piensa centro
Classic Italian bike shot
The most vibrant hydrangea I have ever seen
Stunning views from the walls of Piensa

The third, and final Italy Diaries instalment will be coming to you sometime next week., so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Just discovered your blog thanks to the Bloggers' Blog Awards - hurrah! I absolutely love it, and the photography is beautiful. I got back from Italy this week and it's such a beautiful country!


    1. Woo! I am still so shocked I got nominated! It has completely made my week/month/year!

      I am so jealous! I would go back tomorrow if I could.

  2. I love city breaks, i've been to NY and Barcelona and now i kind of have an addiction for them x

    1. City breaks are amazing. I really want to visit Krakow before summer next year x


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