Review: Disney Minnie Beauty by Sephora

I am really excited to write this post because, well, how beautifully amazing is this collection? I am just sorry I couldn’t justify buying all of it! The minute I knew it was being released I knew I had to get my paws on it somehow. And that somehow meant asking a colleague and his long suffering girlfriend (I don’t know if she is long suffering, but if she is, I know why!) to go traipsing around all the Sephora’s in Las Vegas looking for it.

Suffice to say, it wasn’t available anywhere! Well, it is limited edition after all! So, I had to order it online despite the extortionate cost of shipping and handling.  I ordered 3 things; the eye shadow palette, lipstick and compact mirror. Each one is so gorgeously packaged, amazingly luxe and just perfect, but I don’t know if that is my inner Disney nerd shining through.

The other items in the collection are a set of lip stains,  a duo of eyeliners, face, and eye brushes. I didn’t pick them up because for one; the colours of the lip stains were a bit bright to what I usually wear and two, I have makeup brushes coming out of my eyes, I definitely couldn’t justify the cost of them.

Anyway on to the palette. The palette is so luxe and pigmented. The pans are small but trust me, you only need a little bit on the end of your brush to create the desired look. I used I'm All Ears and an angled brush to create a very smudgey feline flick, and it just held its colour so well. The choice of colours are phenomenal, and so versatile too. The shades range from; greens to pinks and the palette comes with a selection of shimmery and matte colours. My favourite has to be Starlet and Pick Me Up At 8.

The palette is made from a hard-ish shell and is slightly rounded so you can also decant the eye shadow tray and the mirror to make the cutest little clutch bag.

I picked the lipstick because, just look how pretty it is! You can never go wrong with the classic red lip, although I honestly think it is too pretty to use, hence why I haven’t swatched it. I know I should stop being a wimp and just use it, but I don’t think I can. Maybe I will for a special occasion. The design is so sleek and pretty, especially that Minnie head just on the tip. Sephora has really gotten it right when it comes to this collection. I love the subtle Minnie accents, like the little charm. I am a sucker for anything brushed gold too.

I bought the compact because girl can’t have enough mirrors right? Another terribly obsolete reason is that I just loved how Instagrammable it was. It comes in a handy little pouch to stop it getting scratched but it could also be used as a coin purse on a night out maybe? The mirror itself is double sided, so brilliant at catching every angle, and it is the perfect brushed gold with embossed pattern. It is so slim line it fits into any purse, or handbag snuggly, and again it isn’t without its subtle Disney design.

What do you all think? Worth the grief of having it shipped from America?!