The Weekly Edition #25

Welcome to another Weekly Edition! Unfortunately for you, and me, it has been a pretty standard week, but some of my blogging highlights have to be being nominated for Best New Blogger on the Block, featured on Franny Mac's Favourite Blog Posts in August with my Disney Minnie Beauty by Sephora Haul, and given a Friday Follow on Twitter by Charlotte - Insert a million heart emojis here -

01. First, and obviously top of my list in the Blogger Blog Awards. I am still in disbelief that I was; 1. Nominated for Best New Blogger on the Block and 2. Shortlisted. It would mean the absolutely world to me if you could all vote. Flourish & Blotting is 1 in October and to say the blogging path is not easy is an understatement. It is like a 2nd job and takes so much time, money, drive and most importantly, patience. That's not to put anyone off who is thinking about creating a blog, I just never realised how much hard work it would take to just get where I am now.

02. I’ve been feeling much better this week, although the tiredness is still overwhelming. Especially after a full day in work. I am slowly getting my appetite back which is a relief since I love LOVE food. Luckily I made no plans at the weekend so I could take things slow and get everything done that I haven’t managed to in the last two weeks.

03. Indulged and treated myself to Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Clay Mask and that is pretty much it for the month. With everything that is going on (See point 5) I really have to tighten my belt. Next month we have a weekend away in York and then a weekend away in London in November and I still haven't booked anywhere to stay yet! I was also hoping to book tickets to a show too,  maybe Aladdin?

04. I have been a baking again and I made an olive soda bread and then a plum jam Victoria Sponge.  I guess I am just gearing up for the Great British Bake Off starting this week. I literally cannot wait. It is going to make Wednesdays just that tiny bit brighter! My dream is to bake along with them each week but I really don't have the time or know how to bake things like a game pie!

05. We have finally agreed to improvements on the house and work starts in about a months time. I am really excited but nervous. There are going to be some big jobs being carried out and the mess is just going to be unreal. Cue loads of stress, but the secret is just focussing on the end result!

How has everyone else's week been?