30 Sep 2016

Review: Eau de Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant Fragrance

I am loving new scents recently. My Christmas list is just getting longer and longer with all the perfumes that I want.

28 Sep 2016

Makeup Medley No. #4

I haven't done a Makeup Medley in what feels like forever, my last post was back in April, I think? I am definitely long overdue in telling you what makeup I have been wearing on my face at the minute.

26 Sep 2016

The Weekly Edition #29

Does anyone else struggle for opening lines to blog posts? Must be just me then! Last week was a bit of a disaster really. The house is a mess, everything has been moved into our bedroom, and it is all so cramped and messy. If you know me personally you will know I have a small problem with tidiness and all things in their place etc.

25 Sep 2016

Wishlist: Christmas 2016 Advent Calendars

Christmas just feels right around the corner now, and you know what? I am so happy to be able to say that. Christmas is ultimately my favourite time of year. There is nothing better than the overindulgence that that season brings. Speaking of overindulgence, I just thought I would compile a list of advent calendars I would quite like to see in my Santa's stocking this year.

23 Sep 2016

Sharing My Shelves: Autumn Reads

Since I have finally caught up with my Winter, Spring, AND Summer reading I thought it was about time I shared with you what I will be reading this Autumn. These will probably take me up to at least Winter at the rate I am going.

21 Sep 2016

My Universal Studios Florida Photo Diary

So, as you may have seen from my Disney World photographs no trip to Florida is complete without a visit to Universal Studios. When I was little I would go to Florida every year on a family holiday from the age of about 2 till I was 12 and admittedly Universal Studios was never my favourite park until the grand old age of 30 when I really felt like I appreciated it a million times more. That is not to say I didn't enjoy Disney World, because I really, really did but I just found I had more age appropriate things to do at this park.

19 Sep 2016

The Weekly Edition #28

Welcome to a new and very belated Weekly Edition. I ended up having an unplanned blogging break last week and to be honest, I hated it! I had every intention to come home after work and try and write up a few blog posts but I wasn't feeling my best and other life things kind of cropped up as they usually do.

10 Sep 2016

Blog Tips: My Favourite Free Fonts

Who doesn't love a good typeface? I can't be the only one. I also love extremely helpful blog blog posts, if that makes sense. So I have combined the two!

9 Sep 2016

My Disney World Florida Photo Diary

Even though my trip to Florida was last year, I still have a million and one photos that I just haven't shown yet. I then had the idea of doing a relatively small photo diary of my time there since I wouldn't be able to recount any details now! (I have the memory of a goldfish) I will be doing my Universal Studios pictures separately as there are quite a few. Warning: This is a picture heavy post.

7 Sep 2016

The Italy Diaries - Days 5, 6 & 7

Tiramisu & Nutella ice-cream from Fredo, Pienza

I can't quite believe it has taken me this long to write my final instalment of my Italy trip. You know what things are like though? Life gets in the way, I panic I am writing too much travel content and not enough beauty etc. etc.

5 Sep 2016

The Weekly Edition #27

Howdy and happy September! I don't know what it is about Autumn that I find so relaxing. I guess there is no expectation with the weather and cosy weekends in with a hot chocolate and X Factor/Strictly Come Dancing etc. etc. become much more acceptable. I wrote a post on my Autumn Loves last year and all of it still applies now!

4 Sep 2016

Review: L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Fatale Mascara

I always get a little bit excited when I am given the chance to try out a new mascara. Let’s face it, us girls are always on the look out for a product that makes for long, luscious lashes that can look completely au natural, but then built up to turn us into sultry evening goddesses.. This has yet to happen, and unfortunately L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Fatale Mascara isn’t the one that's going to do it for me.

2 Sep 2016

My Nyx Haul

So, recently I went on a little Nyx splurge in my local Boots. I was so excited that this affordable, yet great, makeup range was so readily accessible on my doorstep.. Ok, not quite my doorstep, but wouldn't that be amazing?
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