25 Sep 2016

Wishlist: Christmas 2016 Advent Calendars

Christmas just feels right around the corner now, and you know what? I am so happy to be able to say that. Christmas is ultimately my favourite time of year. There is nothing better than the overindulgence that that season brings. Speaking of overindulgence, I just thought I would compile a list of advent calendars I would quite like to see in my Santa's stocking this year.

I saw her advent calendar last year and I was pretty impressed with it. Unfortunately this one only has 12 doors which means I will just have to limit myself to one every 2 days, that's if I can! I just ordered this yesterday from the Superdrug website for £15 with free delivery, so hurry!

This is probably the cheapest out of the luxury beauty advent calendars but luckily the one I want the most (with the exception of maybe the Tilbs..) I have signed up to the waiting list here.

This is a little bit different than the beauty ones which is why I like it. I saw it featured on a lot of vloggers YouTube channel, and I just loved the idea. Plus I tend to burn and get through a million more candles at Christmas than I do at any other time of the year.

And last but certainly not least..

The traditional chocolate one
Of course I don't know which one yet. I am pretty un-monogamous when it comes to picking chocolate, it really depends on what I fancy at the time. Last year I got Cadbury's Dairy Milk one maybe this year I will opt for something different.

I feel I have definitely kept this list within perspective.. and more importantly budget. What I wouldn't give for that Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar though..

What will you be getting this year?

Love, Jo.



  1. The Yankee Candle one looks so cute!

    Parie x

  2. I know! I can't wait to pick one up. I will probably have to be next payday now though!

  3. I love that there is so much choice with Advent calendars these days, they're all so fabulous.

    1. They really are! I just wish some of them weren't so expensive! Like some of them cost the equivalent of full on main presents! (And that's if I've been a good girl!)

  4. I just ordered the Tanya Burr one too - such a bargain for £15!


    1. Yeah! I was absolutely chuffed it had been reduced. It made it much more justifiable!


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